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Antwerp Psychedelics Education Group

The goal of this group is to bring people together who are interested in discussing: - the latest scientific research regarding psychedelics - the benefits and risks of psychedelics - the...

Austin Psychedelic Society

Austin Psychedelic Society: we focus on the science and expansion of natural therapies and medicines to enhance the mind and body.

Aware Project - San Diego

THE AWARE PROJECT works to create a connected and educated community by hosting a series of monthly Psychedelic Awareness Salons in Southern California. OUR MISSION is to balance the public...

Brooklyn Psychedelic Society

The Brooklyn Psychedelic Society, aims to embrace a spirit of community and pluralism. There are many legitimate ways to relate to and benefit from the psychedelic experience, and a psychedelic...

Czech Psychedelic Society

The Czech Psychedelic Society (abbr. “CZEPS”) was founded in order to establish a platform for an open discussion on the risks and benefits of the use of psychedelic substances. Our goals are to...

Dallas Psychedelic Society

Dallas Psychedelic Society: we focus on the science and expansion of natural therapies and medicines to enhance the mind and body.

Entheogenic Research Guild Of Toronto

ERGOT is dedicated to the research of entheogens ("generating the divine within") -- psychoactive plants and substances which induce an altered state of mind, conducive to both deep inward...

Houston Psychedelic Society

Houston Psychedelic Society: we focus on the science and expansion of natural therapies and medicines to enhance the mind and body.

La Sociedad Psicodelica

The sociedad Psicodelica strives for the regulation of psychotropic substances that produces complete unity and in society and its citizens. La sociedad psicodélica se esfuerza por la regulación de...

Medicinal Mindfulness

Medicinal Mindfulness is a consciousness community/membership organization, clinic, and education program that supports individuals and groups who choose to use cannabis and psychedelics with...


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Facilitating Entheogenic and Psychedelic Experiences in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tailored to your needs, you may choose the medium and duration of your treatment. The first step is a free consultation...

Michigan Psychedelic Society

The objective of MPS shall be to provide a safe space to discuss psychedelics, education, encourage harm reduction, awareness, support (for people to integrate their experiences), build psychedelic...

Portland Psychedelic Society

The Portland Psychedelic Society is a project of PEERS 501c3. PEERS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and legitimization of modalities of consciousness. Peers hosts...

Psychedelic Society of Minneapolis

The Psychedelic Society of Minneapolis is a community-based organization dedicated to the legal regulation of psychedelics, entheogens, entactogens, and cannabis for therapeutic and spiritual uses. We...

Psychedelic Society Switzerland

Psysoc Switzerland is a non-profit organization, which sees itself as an instrument supporting the evolvement of the psychedelic movement. Our work focuses on creating an international networking...

Psychedelic Society Vienna

The Vienna Psychedelic Society aims to cultivate an open-minded approach to non-ordinary states of consciousness and their healing potential. For that matter we organize regular meetups and events...

Psykedeelisen Sivistyksen Liitto

Finnish Association for Psychedelic Education & Culture

San Francisco Psychedelic Society

We’re devoted to the exploration of the expansion of consciousness – and we’re fascinated and thrilled as we learn about the profound role psychedelics have played in this evolution over the past tens...

Sitter service by Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands

The sitter service is a one on one session with a carer with vast experience in psychedelic states and knowledge of human psychology and cognitive functions. The participant will be responsible for...