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As a solo female traveller with no psychedelic experience behind me..

Iquitos, Peru



I was reluctant to leave this review any earlier, as I didn't want to claim everything had changed just to have it all fall back to how it was before. But now, 12 months later, I can safely say this retreat was not only one of the best weeks of my life, but also left me with permanent healing. As a solo female traveller with no psychedelic experience behind me, it was important that I found a safe environment. I searched many ayahuasca forums for references and eventually stumbled across La Luna. The moment I stepped off the boat and into this Amazon paradise I automatically felt at home. The set-up, the genuine nature of the staff and the authenticity of the shaman had me trusting the medicine immediately. My trips were mostly euphoric and each one added to a new understanding of life. I had complete out of body experiences and once I even experienced a complete separation from my ego. I never knew I had a fear of dying, but suddenly a weight has been taken off my shoulders. My panic attacks and burnout I was experiencing in my stressful lifestyle have lifted and I now sense my anxiety coming up well before it's allowed to become an issue. Perhaps the greatest thing I was left with was complete healing from my Ulcerative Colitis. The gut issues that had plagued me daily for the last 7 years disappeared upon my very first session (Here I am 12 months later and this have NEVER returned) I have had a few ayahuasca sessions since this elsewhere during my travels and none have remotely compared to La Lunadel Amazonas, nor have I ever felt other shaman to be as authentic nor the environment as safe. I cannot recommend this place any more highly. Thank you Enrique and the team, I look forward to coming back again one day soon!

Participants in ceremony: 5

Facilitators in ceremony: 1

Participants per Facilitator: 5


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Visited Sunday, November 15th 2020

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