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*Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Coaching *Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator *Somatic Sex Educator *Sexological Bodyworker I am a somatic sex educator, psychedelic explorer, mother, and lover living in the green mountains of Vermont. I enjoy swimming in cold rivers, laying on warm rocks and exploring the edges of pleasure and consciousness. I am here speaking to you because I believe that sexuality and psychedelics can point us in the direction of our soul’s authentic expression. The story of my exploration of sexuality and psychedelics are inextricably linked. I began to study sexuality more deeply after coming to a profound realization during an ayahuasca ceremony in the Peruvian jungle. I realized beyond the shadow of a doubt that my relational and sexual traumas had been creating patterns in my life that were deeply impacting my overall health and happiness. I saw and felt exactly how these patterns lived and worked in my body and, because they were now conscious rather than unconscious, I could begin to work on them. In 2017, this led me to become certified in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork which are hands-on, hands-in trauma informed and pleasure-centered modalities that address questions like: How do imprints of trauma, shame and neglect interrupt our capacity to access desire and pleasure? How do we actually know what we want when we have been conditioned against it our entire lives? How do we empower our choice and voice in every sexual echange so that we leave feeling honored and seen as opposed to drained and used? These have become the guiding questions of my own life as well as the guiding questions for the hundreds of clients that I have worked with in this capacity. I continued to deepen into these questions with many, many more psychedelic experiences over the years and as I saw the deep impact that these medicines were having on my own healing, I began to speak more openly about this connection in public, helping clients to unpack and integrate their own psychedelic experiences into their sexual relationships and, finally, this led me to a more formal study of trauma-informed somatic plant medicine facilitation and integration. I am, in essence, a doula and I apply doula principles to everything that I do. In a past incarnation, I worked as a labor and birth doula. Though I rarely sit at births these days, I still apply these basic principles into my work. What being a doula taught me was how to really companion people through processes of deep transformation in a reverent and compassionate way. Whether I am holding a mother’s hand as she births her baby, witnessing the unwinding of sexual trauma on my massage table, helping a couple to clarify their relationship agreements, or supporting a brave soul to rebirth themselves through the integration of a psychedelic experience, the way I show up is the same. I will hold up the mirror for you to see your own beautiful power. I will walk beside you on your path and offer you tools and nourishment along the way. But the journey is your own. May you be supported to boldly embody this one very wild and precious life you have been given.

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