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My experience at Ebando is challenging to write about, as it feels as though words only dilute what I consider to be the most remarkable and life changing experience I could ever imagine. One of the qualities that make Ebando so special is the people there. Many have come from difficult pasts, which makes them even that much stronger and loving. As a result, the space created there is truly magical and full of love. Coming from America, you get used to seeing women who do not love themselves, and attempt to mask the hate of Self with plastic surgeries, clothes, prescription drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. The women at Ebando are amazing Goddesses who emanate love. Tatayo is an incredible being who exudes passion for life and love for people. He has helped so many people in so many different ways, and it is a joy to be in his presence. My experience at Ebando goes much deeper than my current incarnation. I was able to heal a piece related to my bloodline and lineage that I had been working on diligently for over ten years. Ebando and Iboga went so deep into the core of my being and ripped out the roots of guilt and shame programs in the most unpleasant way that I could have imagined. Years of healing practices, such as, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Holotropic Breathwork, Plant Dietas, Ayahuasca, Diet/Fasting were unable to heal what Ebando and Iboga did. The result has been a deeper feeling of piece and purpose than I have ever experienced. Ebando helped me gain clarity on my mission and purpose for this life and beyond. I am eternally grateful to Tatayo and all of the beautiful beings who make that land so special.

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Visited Sunday, July 15th 2018

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