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Excellent experience
 3 years ago
I had a very good experience at Ebando. This is Gabon, and not Africa so the rating is done compared to other places to stay in Gabon, not compared to Europe for example.
It felt like a safe, friendly and educational place and I recommend anyone that wants to have a good experience with the Bwiti and Iboga to go to Ebando. However Iboga is not an easy medicine... it is very hard... but at least you will be in a safe place.
Make sure you have at least 7-10 days before you have to go home after the ceremony. It takes a long time to "come back".

Number of people in ceremony: 2








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I did not really get any, but I really did not need any either. I suspect if you ask for this you will get it.

Visited Friday, December 21st 2012