Psychedelic Integration is primarily a process by which individuals can make sense of, learn from and utilise the material they encountered in their own psychedelic experience. The ‘integration’ process following a psychedelic experience is often more fruitful when ‘preparation’ for the experience or ceremony has taken place. I hold a monthly ‘psychedelic integration circle’ in Chester UK. Our circle is made up of people of all ages who have been to retreats and/or are planning to go to a retreat; and people who have experimented on their own to heal themselves of PTSD or depression. Unfortunately, some individuals, in their desperation for healing, go off to retreats ill-informed of what to expect and came home without any post-journey/experience support in place. They have no one to talk to about it. No one to ask questions of about their experience. They find themselves back home alone, confused, sometimes traumatised, and adrift. The purpose of the circle in my city is to help people connect to each other locally and non-locally.
I have been approached by individuals who have suffered trauma as a result of a psychedelic experience that they had not been prepared for. This is due to the unexpected emergence of suppressed or even repressed memories of earlier traumatic events which has resulted in the person being re-traumatised. My hope is that by promoting and popularising Psychedelic Integration, individuals, families and communities will, for generations to come, become free, and remain free, to ‘safely’ use these healing substances for the highest good of humanity. I hope that an understanding of the proven benefits that psychedelics offer will inspire you to take part in making our world a better place. If you are a Shaman, a psychedelic Experience Facilitator or an experienced Psychedelic Integration Provider and wish to be listed on please contact me. I do not ask for payment as such. I invite anyone listed to make an annual donation if they are receiving referrals through their website listing.
My day job is being a professional psychotherapist. I am accredited with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and I have over 20-years’ experience of working with people who use substances. I am able to work with individuals who are seeking treatment for substance misuse/dependency, psychedelic integration [I am listed on the Integration Providers list] and anyone who would like to prepare themselves for attending a psychedelic retreat or plant medicine ceremony I work with PTSD, cPTSD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, bereavement etc. Individual therapy is a paid for service that I offer. I see people face-to-face and online using a secure tele-medicine video application called Vsee. Vsee provides end-to-end encryption so that your data is kept private and secure. It doesn't matter where you are if you have good Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, English is my first and only language, but I have worked, and do currently work, successfully with English speaking people of various nationalities.
Namaste’ Jane PI. [Jane Fortune]

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