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Are you looking for a place to experience a traditional ayahuasca ceremony, led by a respected Peruvian shaman in a safe setting, without having to travel to the Amazon yourself? Then you have found the right place!
The set-up of our ayahuasca retreats is one of a kind, because of the collaboration between Peruvian shaman Ronald Rivera and experienced therapeutical ayahuasca facilitator Barin Mane. Together, they have over 30 years of experience of working with the sacred plant medicine, each in their own way, therefore truly bringing the best of both worlds together.
This makes Acsauhaya (pronounce as ash-auw-aya) a unique center, that merges the comfort of Western facilities with traditional ayahuasca ceremonies, led by our shaman.

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This center is open since May 1st 2019


Ayahuasca, Tobacco


Accommodation and facilities

3 double rooms

2 dorm rooms

Medical and safety

The center conducts an intake process

The center provides a follow up integration processDuring the retreat there will be both individual talks and group discussions to guide your process and to give you a kickstart for the integration of the healing experience. However, our guidance will not end when the retreat ends. Whenever you would like to discuss some things, you can contact us for aftercare. We are happy to get you in touch with one of the team members who helped you at the retreat, or with the right caregiver from our network of affiliated therapists, so feel free to email us. In addition, we have used our experience to put together a tool kit with all sorts of tools from modern and Eastern integrative practices, which can help you find your way after your return. These tools focus on working with your emotions and supporting you in letting go of what no longer serves you. It is completely up to you whether you want to use these tools, or find your own way or tools for your integration process. Our experience has taught us that it can be very useful for people that have attended a retreat with us to stay part of our community on Facebook. This network of like-minded people has shown to be valuable for the exchange thoughts or experiences, for example when you feel alone or misunderstood while integrating back into your everyday life.

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentThe program of our 4-day and 5-day healing retreat is intense, with three ayahuasca ceremonies in three consecutive days. The ceremonies will be led by our Peruvian shaman and guided by our experienced facilitator. You should be ready for deep inner and personal work in order to achieve healing on the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic levels.


Shaman - Ronald Rivera
Ronald Rivera Cachique, born on 27 October 1967, is a well-known Ayahuasca Maestro from Pucallpa, the capital of the Amazon region of Ucayali, Peru. He is highly experienced, gentle, caring, and deeply dedicated to healing. He leads ayahuasca and tobacco ceremonies at his own center, “Ayahuasca Sabiduria”, in the Amazonian rainforest in Pucallpa (Peru), as well as in several other countries in South America.
Ronald studied philosophy at La Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marco (a State University in Lima, Peru). These roots in philosophy, turned out to be a great foundation for his work as an Ayahuasca Maestro. He eventually decided to fully dedicate his life to working with this sacred plant medicine. He has now 23 years of experience as ayahuasquero.
Ronald grows his own organic ayahuasca plants and harvests them in a sustainable manner. His brew is prepared only from the Chacruna bush and the Ayahuasca vine (Banasteriopsis Caapi). There are no additives in his brew. During the ceremony, he sings his own icaros, which he receives from the plants.
Ronald was featured by the documentary maker Seti Gershberg ( and has been interviewed in several other occasions about Ayahuasca throughout the years.
Ronald is also active as a traditional Maestro Ayahuasquero in the “Instituto Nimairama”, an institute of transcultural health and traditional medicines, dedicated to integrating healthcare, sacred plant medicine and the knowledge and wisdom of native and indigenous shamanism.
He also wrote two books about Ayahuasca: “Ayahuasca de la Selva su Espíritu” and “Arte con Ayahuasca” and he is now writing the third one!
Therapeutical ayahuasca facilitator - René van der Zouwen
René is definitely not your average ayahuasca facilitator! His devotion to helping people heal and acquiring a life of higher possibility is just as remarkable as the journey that got him there…
René was born in the east of Holland, which is known for its down-to-earth country wisdom. He has always been the linking pin between people and what people need. His playful curiosity and vigorous energy led him to start a business, in which he invested all of his time and energy. Sadly, when the global financial crisis hit in 2008, the business he loved so dearly was affected as well.
While his business came crashing down, it felt like his personal life came down with it and he saw everything he had worked for in his whole life slowly slipping through his fingers… Feeling completely devastated and dissatisfied with how life treated him, this period led him into a negative spiral, and ultimately into depression.
His search for healing led him astray on many paths, until he finally came to ayahuasca. What happened completely blew his (conscious) mind: after just one ceremony, René was no longer plagued by his anxiety, overly negative thinking and his depression. He even shed off his fear of death. It was in this amazingly profound and deep first ceremony, that he felt spiritually awakened and came to understand that the business life he lived before was completely hollow.
René was instantly triggered and became determined to know everything possible about this sacred medicine! He spent many hours passionately researching all there was written about ayahuasca and her miraculous transformational power and quickly became knowledgeable. Of course, he didn’t just do desk research, he attended all kinds of different ayahuasca ceremonies, expanding his knowledge and experience to work with the medicine. René noticed by then that there were basically three types of ceremonies; shamanic, religious (Santo Daime) and New Age type of ceremonies. He found beauty in each type of setting and noticed the mother will always work her ways (regardless of setting)… But at the same time, he felt like a big group was being left out of the healing experience of ayahuasca. These were people that didn’t feel attracted to these more ritualistic settings, but who wanted to experience ayahuasca in a down-to-earth type of setting, not dominated by rules nor ritual. Simply a loving place and a safe space, where anyone in need could come home to, to be truly accepted as they are.
Before long, René created his own setting: first just for friends, but quickly for friends of friends, and so on. Along the lines of his experience, the audience grew steadily as well, resulting in the by now well-known European ayahuasca center Om-Mij. Om-Mij has proven to be an exemplary reputation for stringent safety protocols and compassionate care.
Together with a team of more than 45 people, working with therapists, psychologists, and even doctors, the Om-Mij center has successfully guided thousands of participants from all over the globe. On top of that, René has proudly witnessed over 20 new ayahuasca centers being established by people who started at Om-Mij, either as a participant or a guide, spreading a wave of love, healing and higher consciousness across Europe.
It was in the beginning of 2018 that Rene felt that his task at Om-Mij was fulfilled. His strong intuition led him to a new path: to connect people not just with the plant, but with the authentic shamanic ceremony that thus far can only be found in the Amazon. For many people a traditional Amazonian ceremony isn’t accessible, not only because of high cost and long travel times, but also because of the language gap and untrustworthiness of shamans. Last but not least, uncomfortable accommodation conditions scare off many Westerners, as they don’t feel comfortable to take on a sacred journey in the midst of the jungle, accompanied by snakes and big insects…
This is where René started the Acsauhaya organization: a place where he can bring the Amazonian healers and their ancient wisdom to modern day Europe, seamlessly merging the best of both worlds. Something you could consider a reflection the journey René made himself: combining his down-to-earth, practical approach with a big heart, true compassion and profound spiritual depth.
During ceremonies, René is known for his strong presence, calmness and confidence. He intuitively knows just when to hold space to let the medicine do her work and when to offer some extra guidance or care. He seems to have never lost his playful curiosity and energy, but he is combining it with sincere (com)passion for all, and he is for many people a true friend and healer on the spiritual path.
Support Team/Guides
Our support team has three main goals: to make sure you are physically safe and comfortable, to make sure you feel emotionally safe and welcomed to surrender to the medicine, and to support the integration of your journeys. All our staff members have personal experience with ayahuasca healing and are deeply committed to self-awakening. They have been through the challenges and difficulties of many years of deep healing. From this experience they can hold space for you and offer you authentic compassion, loving kindness, empathy and a genuine willingness to help you.
Our support team members regard it as a privilege to guide and support you when you do your deep inner work with us and treat you how they (would have) liked to be treated during their own healing process.

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 12 persons per group


The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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