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Amsterdam, Netherlands



Everything about the experience exceeded my expectations. While I was going into this with an open mind, I had a nagging worry about how safe and effective the experience would be, especially as a single female going into this alone. I explored 3 options for guides, and felt the safest with April after doing the initial call. April's presence is extremely calming and grounded, which helped put me in the right state of mind at every point of the experience. I also loved how she embodied the wisdom that she was sharing with me -- e.g., she would share her own experiences, or explain during the session the parts where she was embracing messiness/uncertainty. During the experience itself, she was very thoughtful about curating the right music/scents/set-up. While there was some unexpected noise at our location, she gave me the choice to continue there or find another venue... which empowered me to make the the experience my own. She was also very patient to answer all the questions and concerns, which gave me confidence in the experience. What was so powerful about the experience was the integration portion, which April masterfully facilitated. She asked questions with genuine care, but also held her ground and challenged my thinking so that I would get the most of the experience. It wasn't just about me feeling good, but about growing in my awareness of myself. And of course, let's not forget the homecooked meal after the trip... which April made herself, and which I absolutely devoured. Part of me thinks the experience was worth it if only for the meal :) 10/10 for the experience, which I know would not have been the same if not for April.

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Visited Wednesday, June 8th 2022

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