The first full day of a new year in life

Shared by Rob F , experienced a year ago.
Substance: Kambo
I was fortunate to room with an awesome kambo practitioner on a transformation retreat and be guided to a deeply devoted and humble practitioner near my home. In a communal setting, I was blessed to observed the effect that silently and consciously connecting with the guides of a group preparing for sacred ceremony has. Having already done intensive physical purification, I experienced incredibly needed energetic purification. I was also guided to discover the incredible practice of pouring my love and light into my breath in meditation as I do into food and water in the kitchen. Recently, I came into a moment of crisis partly due to inability to secure a full time job in IT after a near death car crash, not where I expected I wasn’t sure whether to go ahead or not, in a state of exhaustion and stress from the incredible disappointment of somewhat moving out from my family’s home. Fortunately, Narda confirmed to go ahead when it was apparent I was not anxious but only concerned about safety. Obstacles arose, yet I focused on being grateful. Narda centered me in connecting with my ancestors and guides while honoring Pachamama. Hummingbirds, deep seeing owls and the joyful dragonfly of rebirth were with us. After purging, sananga showed me some of the “obstacles” I had been under, while it helped me appreciate the effort others have made and abandon negativity. The experience empowered me to not give up in a moment of crisis being apart from my family and move forward with no doubt of completing my task of supporting my kids. I send my deepest gratitude.