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Cabbanis Psychedelic Program – Sacred Tools For a Better Life



We are Cabbanis and if you are reading this we assume that you are interested in improving your life with the use of sacred plants and fungi.

Our team is professionally trained to speak about psychedelics to people of all types of psychedelic experience levels.

The speciality of the team is self-discovery and the improvement of ordinary life with the responsible implementation of psychedelics into a balanced lifestyle.

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The Day of the Journey

Our ceremonies involve the consumption of a psychedelic substance coupled with exercises specific to your objective.

In the Cabbanis Psychedelic Program, you are going to receive full coaching starting from weeks before the psychedelic experience itself when we are going to sit together and discuss your intentions and manage your expectations for the journey.

On the day of the journey, all the logistics are going to be properly managed and during the experience, you will have experienced psychonauts dedicated to making your psychedelic journey the most comfortable as possible.

The exercises for the journey have been tested under scientific scrutiny and are designed to induce the most common psychedelic themes and archetypes.


After the journey, we will keep in contact so that we can help you put all the lessons in order and gradually implement them into your ordinary lifestyle and successfully integrate the insights and epiphanies of the ceremony.


Each objective and person may ask for a different approach, and for each approach, a different substance may be in order.

We operate in The Netherlands, and all substances that are legal here can be explored:

Psychedelic Truffles;


Salvia divinorum;




We are looking forward for our journey together!

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