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PEX#7 – Sarah Tilley – Integrating Couples Therapy with the Psychedelic Field


In this week’s podcast, Tim Cools speaks with Sarah Tilley, psychedelic guide, integration specialist and clinical therapist, about the many ways to practice sexual wellness and integrating couples therapy with psychedelics.

  • Sarah’s background
  • Renegotiating the boundaries of the relationship with psychedelics
  • Does being in a relationship prevent you from going deeper?
  • The magic of psychedelic journeys with a partner
  • Psychedelic therapy in legal countries – Safety and credibility in research is a priority
  • Erotic Intelligence
  • Themes in Couples Therapy
  • Medicine gives the opportunity to create a new story
  • Other ways to achieve healing, continuing the journey beyond psychedelics
  • Practices for improving sexual life
  • Eroticism in the Psychedelic Experience
  • Splitting up after psychedelic couples therapy
  • Open Monogamy
  • The Couple’s Retreat (11th-15th April, 2022)

About Sarah Tilley

Psychedelic guide, integration specialist and clinical therapist specialising in psychedelic therapy, modern relationships and sexual wellness.

Sarah is a long term student of Esther Perel and has been working with plant consciousness and altered states for 20 years with individuals and groups.

Expert in facilitating shifts in awareness to the root cause of a problem using a complex method of awareness rooted in regression, hypnosis techniques, breath-work, guided visualisation and psychedelics for complex mental, emotional, physical and spiritual disease. Sarah has guided hundreds of journeys with music, working with powerful intention and ongoing integration. Currently wellness director for Beautiful Space.

As an activist she has spoken at the NHS and the UN on topics of sustainable healthcare, complementary medicine and women’s equality, involved with the Women’s Equality Party and as a popular figure in the UK press for sex equality, consensual non monogamy and female empowerment.

Sarah has worked in education for over 30 years and currently writes and facilitates her own programs of relationship wellness for individuals, women, couples and mixed groups on and offline. She has transferred her many years as a professional classical violinist to creating music journeys and soundscapes using generative music.

The many disciplines of philosophy and spirituality interwoven into her work, come from the deep roots of her inherited Asian history. Unraveling the story of her childhood has been a life long quest into shamanism, taoism, human consciousness and attachment theory.

About Tim Cool

Tim is a psychedelic integration specialist and legal psychedelic guide. He facilitates powerful, life-changing experiences for professionals, to help their professional lives come in alignment with personal ambition and values.

Tim is a Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher, a certified coach, and psychedelic advocate, educator and guide.

He is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Tools Of Awareness, a personal development center focussed on combining psychedelics and mindfulness to grow personal and interpersonal awareness though (online) courses and retreats.

Furthermore, he founded Psychedelic Experience, an online non-profit platform for information surrounding psychedelic substances. It’s a community based non-profit organization, created by and for psychedelic and plant medicine communities.

His personal interests are technology, meditation, metaphysical and eastern philosophies, shamanism and the healing power of nature and plants

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