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PEX#15 – Yannick Jacob – Existential Coaching and Psychedelics • Psychedelic Experience


In this week’s podcast Tim Cools speaks with Yannick Jacob, existential coach, about the role of existentia coaching, and integration with the psychedelic space.

  • The differences between coaching and psychedelics background
  • Is coaching always helpful?
  • Integration on different levels
  • Creating answers for yourself may be more helpful than expecting them from others
  • Bringing analysis into more abstract processes
  • Existential coaching as grounded in human lived experience
  • No-one can understand your own psychedelic experience in its entirety
  • Expertise does not presume an ethical approach to coaching and psychedelics
  • Revealing the shadow with psychedelics, (therapy) and coaching
  • Yannick’s Background
  • Coaching is contextual to the culture it takes place in
  • Coaching is not one-size-fits-all solution
  • Trying to engage with perspectives that are larger than your own
  • Coaching is a responsibility, how much of it should guide the psychedelic experience?
  • Yannick’s coaching circles

About Yannick

Yannick Jacob is an Existential Coach (MA), Positive Psychologist (MSc), Coach Trainer,  and Coaching Supervisor passionate about taking conversations about coaching & psychedelics overground. He’s the Course Director of the ACIC at the School of Positive Transformation, for which he’s gathered many of the world’s most influential coaches, and he’s the former Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. Yannick is part of the teaching faculties at Animas Centre for Coaching and the International Centre for Coaching Supervision, and he founded the Interest Group Coaching & Psychedelics. Yannick is the host of the Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics podcast as well as the founder and lead facilitator at Yannick’s Coaching Lab. Yannick loves to help his clients explore big questions, integrate challenging experiences, as well as successfully and meaningfully navigate their lives and careers. Yannick presents at conferences internationally and his book, An Introduction to Existential Coaching, was published by Routledge, the world’s leading academic publisher. You can learn more about Yannick’s psychedelics work at and coaches looking for a supervisor can learn more at

Interest Group Coaching & Psychedelics
Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics podcast
Yannick’s Coaching Lab
An Introduction to Existential Coaching

About Tim Cools

Tim is a psychedelic integration specialist and legal psychedelic guide. He facilitates powerful, life-changing experiences for professionals, to help their professional lives come in alignment with personal ambition and values.

Tim is a Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher, a certified coach, and psychedelic advocate, educator and guide.

He is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Tools Of Awareness, a personal development center focussed on combining psychedelics and mindfulness to grow personal and interpersonal awareness though (online) courses and retreats.

Furthermore, he founded Psychedelic Experience, an online non-profit platform for information surrounding psychedelic substances. It’s a community based non-profit organization, created by and for psychedelic and plant medicine communities.

His personal interests are technology, meditation, metaphysical and eastern philosophies, shamanism and the healing power of nature and plants

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