PEx Team

Tim Cools — PEx Founder

Tim is a conscious entrepreneur and psychedelic coach. After experiencing the profound transformational power of ayahuasca in 2015, he realized his purpose is to advocate safe and responsible use of psychedelic plants and medicines: this is how Psychedelic Experience was born! He has over two decades of professional experience developing industrial-grade software in various industries, including smart homes, energy, payroll and logistics. In 2018, Tim re-trained himself as a psychedelic integration coach and guide, hosting legal psychedelic sessions and retreats in the Netherlands. Tim’s interests are software architecture, psychedelics and plant medicine, non-dualism, mindfulness, and helping people to reduce their suffering and improve their well-being.

Steve Beukema — Content Contributor

Steve Beukema is a research scientist with a knack for adventure and novelty. His academic pursuits range from investigating language processing patterns of vegetative state patients in his M.Sc, to uncovering arousal-based pupil mechanics of the human eye during his PhD. Steve believes that education about psychoactive substances is more crucial now than ever before, and that science has fallen behind public perception surrounding psychedelics. Through Psychedelic Experience, he plans to combine his knowledge of neuroscience and passion for cultivation to help resolve this misinformation from spreading further.

Santiago Caballero — Marketing and Media

Santiago is Jack-of-many-trades, but first and foremost he is an artist and a marketer. Santiago specializes in content marketing and digital advertising and has enjoyed life as a digital nomad for the last 25 years. He has worked with a wide variety of projects/companies ranging from online games studios and chess academies to  psychedelic retreats. Santiago helps psychedelic experience educate people and spread awareness about the benefits and risks of psychedelics and other substances.

Michael Frost — Marketing and Social Media

Michael is a budding psychonaut and keen meditator who’s currently training to become a therapist. With a background in the music industry, Michael is now using his marketing know-how to help psychedelic organizations flourish and raise awareness during the current paradigm shift. This change in direction is the result of a growing interest in spirituality which has stemmed from profound experiences both with psychedelic compounds and meditation over the past few years. Michael wholeheartedly believes in the potential of these experiences and mindfulness practice in general, to not only lessen suffering for those in distress but for the betterment of people and the planet.

Carrie Katz — Directory Management

Carrie’s creative side as a writer, performer, singer/song-writer and poet has given her a unique edge when working with creatives of all genres, whether entrepreneurs or in the arts and entertainment world. Carrie works with individuals and also offers workshops on coaching, creativity and recovery. Her fascination with personal transformation through non-ordinary states of consciousness has informed her work with psychedelics/entheogens and other modalities. Her focus is on transformational recovery, facilitation and integration of psychedelic experiences. Since 2019, Carrie has been a clinical research team member of the Stage III Clinical MAPS’ trial in Montreal for MDMA and PTSD. She is an executive board member of the Montreal Psychedelic Society (MPS) and leads their monthly community integration circles.

Suzanne Krantz — Indigenous and Shaman Engagement

Suzanne has a PhD in toxicology, and has experience working with non-profit organizations, both inside and outside of the plant medicine and psychedelic communities.  She is currently a student of shamanic practices, and is interested in bridging earth-based wisdom and the modern world.  Suzanne is passionate about safe and respectful use of entheogens, the role of reciprocity in the integration process, and developing and sharing awareness around the shadow aspects of altered state experiences.   Suzanne enjoys working with plants to create herbal medicines and wellness products for the benefit of her family, friends, and community.

Annie Lewkowicz — Copy Editing/Content

Annie has an MA in Transformational Psychology and a background in publishing, editing, and writing. In 2014, ayahuasca cured Annie’s chronic depression and opened her eyes to the wonderful, mysterious world of psychedelics. Since then, Annie has continued to go deeper into the world of entheogens and consciousness exploration, often participating as a helper and musician in sacred plant ceremonies. She is deeply committed to the transformative potency of psychedelics and believes that plant medicines have the power to change individuals and society. When not writing or editing, Annie can be found enjoying time with her husband and young son, reading, gardening, and making music with her ever-growing collection of world instruments.

Michelle Martin — Partnerships

Michelle is very passionate about changing cultural perceptions in mental health. She believes that stigma is a large part of what has prevented positive developments in the mental health field, and strives to continue this work by incorporating the benefits of psychedelics to those suffering from trauma, ptsd, depression, and anxiety. Michelle works closely with non-profit organizations in the mental health space as a fundraiser, spokesperson, connector, advocate (local and state level), educator for families, and the Chicago Police Department and EMTs with the Crisis Intervention Program. She also works with start-ups in the psychedelic space helping to position them for funding, expansion of their current structure, network, and outreach.

Bill Pappa — Marketing and Public Relations

Bill was a marketing and sales executive for the better part of the last decade, but he needed a change. Unsatisfied with a lifestyle seemingly built upon the foundational bedrock (more like brittle sandstone) of “move fast and break things,” Bill knew his capacity to help was being directed towards organizations and projects with the wrong kind of return. Since arriving at PEx, Bill believes he has finally found a community and team that truly lives its ideals, a project he is actually happy to dedicate himself to, and a goal that is inspired by love. Not to mention, who doesn’t enjoy a good trip?

Pat Smith — Content Contributor

Pat left his early career as a cell biologist to write about psychedelic research and culture. Since getting his PhD in regenerative medicine and leaving academia behind, he has spent several years writing for a number of psychedelic platforms and organizations. He is passionate about bridging the gap between the Western scientific paradigm and non-dual philosophy, and spends a lot of time arguing against the corporate appropriation of psychedelic therapy.

Snowflake Vyrostek — Visuals Production and Graphic Design

Snowflake is a graphics designer, published illustrator, and psychedelic painter. When introduced to a healed, transcended version of herself courtesy of the revered chemical mescaline, she found not only an amplified passion for her work, but an expanded awareness of how her work could impact others. She has 13 years experience in entrepreneurial art, with an expanding list of published media, including an ongoing collaborative series of psilocybin cookbooks meant to instill healing of the mind and heart. Snowflake is the visuals producer for the Psychedelic Experience, in addition to her ongoing work as a psychedelic surrealist artist. Snow’s interests and other work include consent education, harm reduction volunteering, drug education/testing, and direct peer-to-peer crisis support at psychedelic events.

Shaun Croft — Software Development

Shaun is a dedicated father of four rug rats, a mostly okay husband, and a self-taught programmer. He has worn many hats throughout his career, including being a veteran of the US Air Force and Blockbuster Video. He believes in the healing power of psychedelics and their ability to help better understand, and heal, past traumas. Shaun believes that psychedelics should be legalized and wants to help create a community where everyone can find the information they need to consume these substances in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Dr. Sandra Dreisbach — Ethics Advisor

Sandra is an Ethicist and Psychedelic Ethics specialist with a MA, Phd in Philosophy exploring Ethical Decision Making and Moral Psychology.  She is an Ethics Advisor active in Psychedelic Integration, Therapy, Education and Advocacy as well as a Psychedelic facilitator.   Sandra also teaches Bioethics at University of California, Santa Cruz for the Biomolecular Engineering and Philosophy Departments, has worked for many years in the tech industry primarily at Apple, and is a Reiki Master in two lineages.  Sandra focuses on listening and uplifting the voices and values of the Psychedelic Community especially the disenfranchised with the heart space intention of compassion and love.