PEx Partners

PEx is proud to partner with the following organizations in the psychedelic field.

Psychedelics Today

Psychedelics Today is dedicated to exploring and discussing the important academic, scientific and other research in the field of psychedelics. We are interested in how psychedelics and other non-ordinary states of consciousness relate to the human potential as well as the healing potential that they can foster.

Microdosing Institute

At Microdosing Institute, our goal is to bring you the highest quality, research-backed education and coaching to help you on your microdosing journey.

Thank You Plant Medicine

Thank You Plant Medicine, working together, in gratitude, for the de-stigmatization of psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics, and their responsible integration into mainstream society.

Women On Psychedelics

At Women On Psychedelics we value inclusivity and welcome people of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, ages, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Ultimately we hope to empower individuals in their psychedelic endeavors by offering the three pillars of community, education and support!

Veterans Of War

Prevent veteran suicide by treating the trauma that leads to it. Veterans Of War (VoW) connects teams of veterans to guided psychedelic group therapy designed to heal the scars of war.

Heroic Hearts Project

Heroic Hearts Project (HHP) is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit that connects military veterans struggling with mental trauma to psychedelic therapy options including ayahuasca, psilocybin, ibogaine, and ketamine treatments in combination with professional coaching and integration. We aim to provide these veterans, who have often exhausted all of the resources offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs and don’t know where to turn, with education about and access to these alternative healing modalities. Our mission is to restore hope and empower each veteran in his or her own healing process.

The Psychedelic Society (UK)

The Psychedelic Society UK creates life-affirming experiences to connect people with themselves, each other, the natural world and the mystery of existence. We are passionate about reinstating the public understanding of and access to psychedelics in the UK and beyond.

Montreal Psychedelic Society

The Montreal Psychedelic Society aims to connect, educate, and support individuals who recognize the potential of psychedelic experiences for healing, personal transformation, the exploration of consciousness and scientific advancement. Our primary goal is to build a Montreal-based community of people interested in psychedelics and the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.


EntheoNation is community of visionaries exploring the cutting-edge of awakening through psychedelics and sacred plant medicines.


Blossom‘s mission is making information about psychedelics more widely available and to speed up the adoption of psychedelics as a tool in therapy and self-development. We do this by providing different resources, from articles to book reviews, that bring together different perspectives about psychedelics. We aim to be critical, grounded in a rational and scientific worldview, yet enthusiastic voice for psychedelics