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Pachamama Sanctuary Dangrous



Reviewed by Matt Scudieri 9 months ago


Pachamama Sanctuary 417 Shaker Road Canterbury NH 03224 This is a dangerous cult. The Staff: Armatures. They are not knowledgeable and experienced enough to do this. They will not give the attention you need. Derek runs this like a cult. He is more of a charlatan than a shaman. The helpers, including the one with a PhD, will not be there when you need them. There is limited parking there and when people have to leave in the morning they will not move the cars to let you out. Many of us were held hostage there for nearly 5 hours. Safety: There are no Paramedics or nurses there to attend to anyone in need. The one room I was in was approximately 20 x 24 with two small windows. There are two exits, one is blocked. There are no smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. The room was also heated with a dangerous kerosene heater. If something were to go wrong there would not be enough staff to help. Sanitation: Three makeshift Porto johns for as many as 28 people. One shower taxing a septic system. The safety, sanitation and staff issues will destroy your expectations and get someone hurt. Little help and a dangerous uncomfortable place is a poor excuse for set and setting. There was one person there who was a mess, she was full of puke and needed a shower. She had a bad experience and had to leave the next day due to lack of showers and help from the staff. They wouldn’t help her but tried to get her to stay. She had to sneak out. There was another person there having a very difficult time in the morning and did not get the attention she needed. She was also prevented from leaving the next morning. Pachamama Sanctuary is destroying this for everyone else. They will destroy this if not stopped.

Visited Saturday, May 7th 2022

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