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Don't bother

Austin, TX, USA



I was waiting for months to see someone, and then 48 hours prior I received a call that an in-person visit was no longer available, despite having agreed to it when the appointment was originally scheduled. When I called to speak to someone about it, I was told I was being "disrespectful" when getting frustrated. As I explained to the supervisor I spoke with, respect is a two-way street. Calling 48 hours before my first appointment to tell me it's no longer available is unprofessional and disrespectful, and everyone I spoke with was understanding of my frustration. Everyone except Scarlet. She decided that she was going to gatekeep my mental health care by canceling my appointment entirely for being "disrespectful." What a trash human being. Avoid this amateur-hour clownshow.

Visited Monday, September 19th 2022

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