Adventures Through The Mind (Podcast)

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Adventures Through The Mind  (Podcast)
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MY NAME IS JAMES JESSO. I LIKE WORDS AND CRAVE TO BETTER THE LIVES OF OTHERS BY THE MANNER IN WHICH I WIELD THEM. I write stories to inspire personal insight, essays to educate supple minds, and books to build new conceptual paradigms of reality. I speak in the open domain, weaving my storytelling tendencies beyond written language and onto vibrational winds to open the hearts of those who choose to listen.
Following the path of my talents and inclinations to create with words, my mission is to build an accessible language for the otherwise indescribable challenges and blessings of being alive.
My mission is to create an approachable, engaging, and exciting conversational medium for people to better understand the complexities of themselves and the world. I seek to co-create linguistic, social, and conceptual platforms for the growing inclusion of people from various walks of life into the spiritually mature future of humanity.

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