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Abundancia Eco Lodge

Ayahuasca retreat center


Ademvuur center Amsterdam

Aftercare Project

The mission of The Aftercare Project is to offer a structured safety net for those participants who need more than what is available through the retreat center. We will connect them with an...

Amazonian untamed jungle tours

We dedicated to the wild life spotting and discover differents places of the amazonian..brazilian forest,colombian forest and peruvian forest and navigating along of the amzon river until the mouth of...


A sacred space, where each one can experience an expansion of the heart and the consciousness, within a community, whose goal is to live in symbiosis with Nature.


"Arbores Plantas Lianas" retreat team is concentrated on providing the opportunity to work with: Ayahuasca, Kambo, and maestro-plants in a medicine aspect strictly due to the traditional use of...

A Spiritual Hand Ayahuasca Center (Asha)

ASH Ayahuasca Center (ASHA Center) is a beautiful retreat! A place where you are guided by the use of ayahuasca, do you want transcend into love and light consciousness? Ayahuasca is a traditional...

Aya Cura

Aya Cura betekent zielheling, en ons doel is precies dat. Werken met een manier van helen die het lichaam, de mind en de ziel in de kern raakt. Moderne medicijnen maken geweldige vooruitgang, maar...

AYA Healing Retreats www.ayahealingretreats.com

AYA Healing Retreats offer sacred plant medicine retreats in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon We draw upon the wealth of indigenous knowledge and healing wisdom of the Shipibo tribespeople native to...


Ayahuasca-ceremonies in Amsterdam guided by full trained shaman with 17 years of experience.We not only offer ayahuasca ceremonies , but we offer different healing methods together with it, like...

Ayahuasca Defense Fund

The Ayahuasca Defense Fund (ADF) is a program of the International Centre for Ethnobotanic Education, Research and Service that was initiated in response to the growing criminalization of ayahuasca...

Ayahuasca Devas Center Ecuador

WELCOME TO THE DEVAS CENTER FOR NATURAL MEDECINES AND PERSONAL DEVELOPPMENT Center for COACHING, Therapies and Personal developpment Ayahuasca center and Naturopathic retreats in Ecuador In the...

Ayahuasca Foundation

The idea for the Ayahuasca Foundation was born from a desire to spread the science of plant spirit medicine back into the world. The Foundation supports the preservation of indigenous wisdom and...

Ayahuasca International • Inner Mastery International

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Ayahuasca International (originally Ayahuasca Internacional), aka Inner Mastery International S.L.U. (often referred to as Inner Mastery) consisting of an infamous (see "Disturbing reports" below)...

Ayahuasca Madre Tierra Portugal

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Ceremonias com Plantas Sagradas

Ayahuasca Medicine House

Ayahuasca Medicine House - Iquitos Peru

Ayahuasca.NL (Céu da Arte)

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Since 2009 we organise powerful & transformational spiritual events that are a well balanced mixture of spiritual and musical elements of Santo Daime and Umbanda combined with bio-energetic and...

Ayahuasca Peru • Casa de Curacion

Ayahuasca Peru is a Shipibo Healing Center, considered one of the most important healing center in the peruvian amazon. For more than five years, this community of sacred medicine has developed...