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Gay Spirit Ayahuasca emerged from my cooperation with Gay Spirit North. After Klaas Jan Dijkman had stopped Gay Spirit North and after a number of very successful joint Ayahuasca ceremonies I decided to bear the organization of Ayahuasca ceremonies for gay and bisexual men myself. Partly because of the many positive and enthusiastic reactions of the participants in our ceremonies.
Moreover, I think it is good to be able to attend and join an Ayahuasca ceremony with only gay and bisexual men. As experience also has learned this. And because Ayahuasca is for a main part about identity, gay and bisexual men find it pleasant to experience this with like-minded souls. Because Ayahuasca can go to the very core of our existence.
Ayahuasca is known to have a strong positive effect on how a person sees and judges himself. For even more self-acceptance and an even greater gratitude and compassion for being gay or bisexual. The group we want to keep as intimate as possible and most probably will vary from six to ten men.
Gay Spirit Ayahuasca is a small initiative that wants to remain small. You will therefore not see a fully planned year calendar, but only some months ahead.
Welcome to Gay Spirit Ayahuasca!
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