A Spiritual Hand Ayahuasca Center (Asha)

Iquitos, Peru

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ASH Ayahuasca Center (ASHA Center) is a beautiful retreat! A place where you are guided by the use of ayahuasca, do you want transcend into love and light consciousness?
Ayahuasca is a traditional spiritual medicine made of specific types of leaves, vines, and other plants. It is used among the indigenous people of Amazonian Peru. Guided by the plants and the plants’ spirits, these native tribes use ayahuasca in Shamanic and Shipibo ceremonies to promote healing of both mind and body.
At ASH-AYA retreats, we practice original Shipibo traditions and ceremonies in harmony with new age Shamanism. This allows for deep exploration into your specific healing needs.
The desire to seek healing is a calling. We are here to meet you at this stage of your spiritual journey. We will help you take the next step in finding inner peace, resolving the chaos, freeing the spirit, and learning to be present.
Depression, anxiety, loneliness, PTSD, addiction, and disease are manifesting in record numbers because our souls are lost and looking for light. Let’s find one another. Let’s unite in a safe physical space, connect on the spiritual plane, and grow and heal together in an open and welcoming environment. Let’s share our experiences and learn from one another. Let’s help each other find the light within so it may help illuminate this dark world we live in. An ASH-AYA retreat will help guide you on the path to connecting to your true self, the one that is light consciousness, the one that is present, the one that is love.
Our retreats are not about reading a book or watching a show. Our retreats are about experiencing hands-on healing and learning.
With the help of our experienced staff and gifted shaman, you can heal from within. With the help of ayahuasca you will be shown what you need to see. And with the help of those traveling with you on your spiritual journey, you will learn and grow.

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