Shamanic Vida

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Many different paths lead us to sacred plant medicines. When we are ready to heal ourselves it is important to be with shamans and healers who are knowledgable and accessible. We are deeply involved with plant medicines of the Amazon and Andes as well as some Eastern medicines. However, our retreats are a non-pretencious place for healing and introspective exploration. Travellers who come to take ayahuasca with us experience a myriad of positive benefits and each ceremony is as unique as the person participating. Some examples of the healing benefits include: emotional liberation, clarity in life path, new perspective, purification of body, harminozation, emotional stability, clearing of blockages, awakening of spirituality, healing of moderate and chronic diseases and happiness.
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This center is open since August 2nd 2015


During ayahuasca ceremonies we use ayahuasca vine, mixed with chacruna. To deepen the ayahuasca experience for those seekers the shamans at Shamanic Vida use yopo. There are other ceremonies during retreats of rapai, kambo frog and wachuma. Everything we use is sustainably sourced and pure plants.

45 minutes from Cusco in a small Peruvian town.

Once a booking is made we arrange to have a driver come and meet the participants in the city center of Cusco

Accommodation and facilities

3 single rooms

3 double rooms

2 dorm rooms

Transfer from airport is available.


Music that is played during session

Icaros sung by the shaman guiding the ceremony along with musical instruments from the jungle and guitar.

Medical and safety

We are equipped to handle minor to mid-level aid for, altitude sickness, minor cuts and bruises, headaches, heart attack prevention, choking, fainting and blood pressure monitoring.

Clinics, Hospitals

There is a medical questionnaire all must fill out before coming to the retreat.

We are always available after the retreat for consultation and send various documents in regards to integration, also we talk about this before you leave

Ceremonies are an introspective experience and thus for each person entirely different. The shaman helps direct you in where they think you would be better focused during the ceremonies and this may change from ceremony to ceremony.

Many who come to us suffer from depression, anxiety, social disorders, adhd and other common ailments caused by modern society and being disconnected from spirit and nature.

It is important to contact us in regards to physical ailments, ayahuasca, yopo and san pedro have had profound healing affects on some retreat goers who suffered from arthritis, sore limbs, chronic pain, back problems and more.

Addictions to food and sex can often be easily helped with the aid of ceremonies at Shamanic Vida. If addicted to narcotics, after a period of 6 months clean from narcotic substances we are willing to take participants who have had trouble with addictions and recommend their doing an eleven day retreat minimum.


Paqo Sotto - 11 years experience Efrein, Zeggara - 18 years experience Chrissy Shamp - 5 years experience Kent Kal - 2 years experience We also take volunteers.


We are helping the shipibo craft artists families living in Pulcallpa and Lima through purchasing of goods at a quality price to help them continue their art and support their families. As a center, we do not allow plastic bottles, this has been a global problem for many years, we ask participants be conscientious of this and travel to all places including Shamanic Vida with a refillable bottle.

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 6 persons per group


Maximum 6 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

Keep on looking- visited 2 months ago
I did my part; I stopped my medications, I adhered strictly to the required diet, I paid $1250 to attend, I showed up. If it is a question that you prefer ONLY young customers, you need to let us old people KNOW THAT. While the elderly are usually treated with respect by the people of most South America, I can't expect you to feel the same, so just say it: Shamanic Vida only wants young people there. The truth might set you free. All they had to do to keep me happy was provide the hot showers that they falsely advertised they had. Because I was kept in a painful, uncomfortable state, I did not really enjoy all the ayahuasca ceremonies I attended. What I did do was try to make the best out of a bad situation until I could get away from this ridiculously run "retreat".