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Welcome to PsyAtlanta!
We aim to educate the public about the psychedelic experience and its healing qualities, and to build a community in which our members support each other in the integration of our experiences.
Please note: All new members are required to agree to the following four oaths:
Oath #1: As a member of this group, I shall hold safe and supportive space for my peers to discuss any and all personal experiences, questions, concerns, or ideas.
Oath #2: Because the choice of whether or not to use psychedelic agents is strictly personal, I shall never attempt to persuade another person to use them or not, regardless of their previous patterns.
Oath #3: In order to protect myself, the community, and the movement, I shall respect all applicable laws in PsyAtlanta meetings and communications. PsyAtlanta is NOT a drug marketplace.
Oath #4: In order to establish a tight, supportive and legitimate psychedelic community with nothing to hide, I shall use my real identity in my PsyAtlanta profile and in PsyAtlanta meetups.
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