Tim Cools • Psychedelic Coach

A conscious entrepreneur, mindfulness teacher and leadership coach. I’m passionate about helping you to change your mind and to cultivate awareness.
I combine coaching with psychedelics to provide life-transforming experiences.
• Life Coaching
• 1-1 legal truffle sessions in the Netherlands (accessible from Amsterdam and Brussels)
• Psychedelic Preparation and Integration Coaching
I support you and your team to:
• Find peace and acceptance in life.
• Get courage and energy to live the life you’re supposed to live.
• Reduce stress, emotional excess and anxiety.
• Improve motivation, memory, concentration and creativity.
• Promote purpose based leadership and better team collaboration.
• Develop emotional intelligence and a healthy life work balance.
My purpose is to teach 'how to change your mind', by using cutting-edge scientifically validated tools and practices like mindfulness and coaching.
Awareness is a key ingredient in success!

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 +32 486 778 993
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