Review for Selva Madre Spiritual and Healing Center

Great Family Run Ayahuasca Healing Center

Iquitos, Peru



Selva Madre was quite an experience for me. İt was my first time there and I was joined by others who had been there multiple times and I can see why. Don Lucho has an incredible background and experience with Ayahuasca and it shows. This is a family run business so they take great care and pride with what they do. İ truly appreciated the level of care and concern they have with their visitors. This is not to say the journey will be easy. İ do not think it is really meant to be an easy journey. Without challenge there is no progress. Without darkness how can you ever appreciate the light. İt is for those who are serious about looking at themselves, their life and their purpose, their loved ones-all in a new light. İ do hope to return at some point and I am forever thankful to Don Lucho, Rosa, Weyder, and everyone else who made this a truly unforgettable experience. Hope to see you again Thank you Joseph

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