Sarita Colonia

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Sarita Colonia" is about 70 km (48mls) from Iquitos by road, carretera Nauta, km 66, from there it is a small walk for about 20 minutes. It is about one and a half hour ride by bus from Iquitos, buses go regular (every 45 min) throughout the day, there are taxis and minibusses too. There is an abundance of fruit trees; coconuts, mango, papaya, avocado, oranges, mandarin, lemon, sacha inchi, and many, many more. Lots of herbs and medicinal plants. Small houses to stay, a kitchen, fresh water from the creek with a little pond to swim and a small fish pond, No shops around.
We hope the project will improve the lives of the local people and visitors in different ways. Poverty is still very serious in Peru.
We hope that visitors develop greater consciousness of Amazonia,its endless beauty and richness, and cultivate respect. isitors can learn about the medicinal plants in the of the garden and forest. Trips here also enable visitors to get in touch with entheogens like ayahuasca, San Pedro, Coca, Psychotria, Huambisa, Iboga and more, to explore their value and healing properties.
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