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Shamanic Plant Dieta

La Paz Department, Bolivia



I’ve had the honor to participate in ceremonies and life with Miguel for four weeks and Juan for the last three weeks. Their dedication and devotion to the path and their own teachers is astonishing and inspiring. And also the amount of care given to supporting everyone’s process in our group. I’ve felt a part of a family here, a dynamic which emerges out of authenticity and love shared. My own process has been to open up to this community and the plants have helped expand my heart and balance my masculine/feminine natures. I’ve felt a renewed sense of purpose and strength through this dieting process. It’s also been an integration of all the teachings of my life and new realizations of the Divine have flowered. I highly recommend Miguel and Juan as shamans and as friends. Each has their own way of holding ceremony and I’m blessed to have the chance to be with both. They are true path-weavers of ancient shamanic practice for the new earth. Both Allkamari and Wizard Mountain locations have their own unique magic. At Allkamari, the dry high altitude plants pattern the environment with Illumani’s presence in the distance. At Wizard Mountain, it’s full jungle with tropical plants and fruits thriving along the paths and pure streams to bathe and play in. In the mountains, I felt a higher connection and to the realms above and in the jungle I felt a deeper connection to the animal spirits and more grounded energies in the dieta process. The shamanic work unfolding here at Sacha Runa in Bolivia is beautiful to participate in and will be foundational for the future to come. Highly recommended and so much love.

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Visited Thursday, October 1st 2020

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