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We offer an exclusive weekend retreat in the Netherlands for people who want a safe, legal and sustainable psychedelic experience. With truffles containing psilocybin, we help you achieve a personal breakthrough in order to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your future path in life.
You will be professionally accompanied by experienced guides and supported by extensive preparation and sustainable integration. Together we will preserve your experience and transfer it into your life in the long term. This is your unique opportunity to effectively use psychedelics as a tool for your personal development.

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truffles containing psilocybin

LocationWe are in a quiet place surrounded by nature, only 40 minutes by car from Amsterdam and 15 minutes by bike from the beach. The entire area is ideal for an exclusive and undisturbed trip.

How to get thereYou can drive directly to the retreat location by car. Otherwise, take a plane or train. Before your arrival you will receive a document with detailed information.

The center provides ceremonies for personal development


With the Set & Setting project, Jascha has been publicizing his passion for the responsible use of psychedelic substances since 2019. For several years he has been accompanying people on their psychedelic path. His inner calm and experience will accompany you during these three days and ensure that you will gain lasting knowledge about yourself.
As co-founder of Set & Setting, Isabel shares her passion for inner transformation with herbal medicine. She has many years of experience in coaching and consulting. Her empathy and understanding of psychedelic states of consciousness will give you security and well-being and make your encounter with psilocybin a transformative experience.
Gabriele has been accompanying people on their individual path for many years. She is experienced in leading psychotherapeutic self-awareness groups and an integral part of the Set & Setting Retreat Team. As a trained integrative sociotherapist with a focus on client-centered conversation psychotherapy and creative therapy, she gives you a space for respectful encounters and the loving acceptance of all aspects of our being.
Daniela has been helping people with their inner growth for more than 15 years. She has lived in Portugal since 2012 and organizes retreats there that include breathwork, meditation and ceremonies with herbal medicine. With her warm charisma, she has accompanied hundreds of people on their psychedelic journey in recent years and is happy to make the same possible for you.
Alex has been a yoga teacher all over the world for many years and has been organizing herbal medicine retreats in the Algarve in southern Portugal on a regular basis since 2015. His retreats aim to create bridges and connections between science and spirituality. He is a wonderful companion for your psychedelic journey and will be at your side with experience and knowledge.


The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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