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Most profound experience ever!

Friesland, Nederland



My experience with Alice was simply one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. Alice is probably the most gentle and patient soul I’ve ever met. When it comes to doing psilocybin on your own vs guided, it’s not even a comparison! It truly changes everything and you really want someone like Alice to be there because there WILL be things that come up that you might not expect. The wisdom from the psilocybin will bring up, from our experiences, things that you need to be shown vs what you want to be shown. It could be something you’ve regretted not doing, an instance in your past that you never truly processed, one event that molded you unknowingly your entire life that you thought was you but was actually just an event in time that became you or like for me a trauma that I thought I got over but the child in me never did. Alice + Kerrie have traveled the world so their knowledge and wisdom truly come out. Their work with your “inner child” is also something I’ve never experienced before which was so amazing for me but I won’t spoil that for you. If you’ve read Michael Pollan’s groundbreaking book How to Change Your Mind, you’ll know that most people will say just ONE guided experience with psilocybin can replace or is comparable to 10+ years of psychotherapy. Well that statement is 100% accurate. Don’t do it on your own because you won’t even come close to getting what you want out of the experience. My wife is already booked for another retreat with Alice + Kerrie (which she would NEVER have traveled on her own to another country before this) and we are both booked for another trip 4 months from now as well. It’s THAT profound. Stop searching. You’ve found your healers. Stop the excuses and travel to Amsterdam. It will change your life.

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Visited Tuesday, January 15th 2019

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