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A Breakthrough Experience!

Friesland, Nederland



For some years I held an unexpressed judgment inside of me, about my seemingly unacceptable desires and I was convinced that everyone else would judge me and reject me, the same way I was judging myself. When I was ready and worked with Alice for her assistance I still felt slightly scarred, but I eventually opened up enough to trust her. When I allowed her to see me in this place, I never wanted to be seen in, what happened was truly amazing. She did not judge me and I felt held in an authentic and compassionate space. What I love about Alice is that her wisdom comes from the heart and her own life experience. She is humble and intuitive, with a sense of humour and childlike curiosity. When I realized that she didn’t judge me, a chain reaction started and I had to acknowledge that it’s possible to look at my feelings from a non-judgmental perspective, which then led me to forgive myself and being able to laugh again. What a breakthrough! Thank you Alice.

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Visited Wednesday, January 1st 2020

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