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Friesland, Nederland



Being guided by Kerrie has opened my heart to understanding so many things about myself. I felt a sense of rebirth, a second chance in life, a different lenses my eyes can look out of. Each and every single session we did together brought me so much power back into my soul, waking it up, and filling myself up with so much love and appreciation. I no longer feel “broken” or as if I need “fixing” to do. Yes, there are many parts of me that I need to heal, many emotions that I have buried so deep inside myself (causing so much discomfort and illness) that I need to process and release from within. The journey we took was honestly a very challenging journey. There were many parts where I became very uncomfortable, full of painful emotions that came up, coldness, loneliness, sadness… but every time I needed a break, I would see Kerrie… her gentle voice, full of love, made me feel so safe and nurtured. She then would gently guide me back in our journey where I would continue exploring my emotions knowing that if I ever needed anything, Kerrie would be right there for me. Each time we worked together, I would feel much more empowered, courageous to feel my feelings, to stand up for my inner child, to listen and follow with my heart, to understand myself in such deeper ways than I could ever imagine. On our last session, my husband and I had a combined session together. This was the most powerful and loving session we could ever do as a couple. I have never feel more in love, more understanding, more compassion than I do now since that day. The journeys that we took in the 4 short days together does not fade… the things that I have came to realize and understand only strengthens as the day passes. I can honestly say that I am no longer that version of woman that I was before I met Kerrie. Like I stated before, I feel that Kerrie has given me a second chance at living this life, a life where I can finally see the beauty in my emotions, in healing my inner child, in showing up for myself, in which my body will be able to finally heal.

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Absolutely adore the facilitators





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Visited Thursday, November 1st 2018

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