A transformative experience...

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4.5 - Based on 6 reviewsFriesland, Nederland

A transformative experience...
 2 years ago
I was one of the participants on the first retreat. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was better than I could have imagined. Kerrie and Alice, the retreat hosts, use a fully integrative approach to healing with psilocybin, offering days of self-exploration and emotional healing processes in between the ceremonies. I was left with a much deeper understanding of myself and my struggles.

Number of people in ceremony: 6


It was clean, warm, and beautiful. The landscape was lovely and serene, surrounded by green pastures and occasional fluffy animals.


Everything was so well thought out and cared for. The food was the best I’ve ever eaten.


Wonderful people. Very knowledgeable, caring, and experienced. After this retreat, honestly, I would be reluctant to go through this process with anyone else.


Gentle, with no negative side effects. The strain of truffles was called “golden teachers,” and the experience they gave was illuminating and fit their name.



Private location, everything legal.


There were so many small, beautiful touches, including homemade oils for us matched to our individual energies and the issues we wanted to work through at the retreat.

Booking process

Follow up integration

This was, in my opinion, the essential ingredient that made this retreat perfect.

Visited Saturday, September 29th 2018