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A WHOLE NEW HIGH is a whole new perspective on how we perceive, use and administer entheogens – psychedelics, power plants and other drugs used to induce ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness.
It is the use of drugs...
to go within ourselves rather than escape ourselves to find ourselves rather than deny ourselves to resolve our troubles instead of avoiding them to benefit our beings instead of harming them to resolve addiction as opposed to creating it to discover truths: personal, societal and universal
The mission of A WHOLE NEW HIGH is to unveil the truth of entheogens and to understand the misconception of their characteristics. To experience them in a way which will lead us to question the reasoning behind their harmful reputation and illegalization.
A WHOLE NEW HIGH is the use of entheogens to discover ourselves.
OUR VISION Our vision is truth focused. Inner truths, higher truths and collective truths, all contributing toward creating a world where psychedelics and entheogens are seen, understood and valued for their full potential of spiritual and therapeutic development, their truth and their role in assisting us to find ours. A world where they can be experienced in safe, supportive and consciousness-expanding environments without the risk of legal consequences, public condemning or addiction.
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It was not without some considerable anxiety that I approached the “Shift Retreat” as I rode on the train from Amsterdam. I had never taken Psilocybin and was quite worried about the potential for a “bad trip” to be frank. I was fortunate in meeting up with another retreat participant for the 2 hour train ride and her stories of working with Kerrie and Alice on a private basis previously really helped “ease my worried mind”. All 7 of us were met at the train station by Karl, (a lovely fellow and a great chef ) and ferried over to the house where we were warmly met by Kerrie and Alice. Over the next 7 days that warmness grew until I think we all felt a real sense of family as a group, something I had not expected at all. Alice and Kerrie had a full agenda that kept us either experiencing through the different ceremonies or integrating and sharing and learning throughout the week. What was also unexpected was how much we did outside of a ceremony and how truly valuable we all found this time. However, their experience with these substances and their deep understanding of the issues different participants were having was truly a remarkable thing to witness. I for one had absolutely no idea this week was going to be so powerful and valuable in helping me “shift” from where I have been to where I want to go. I can’t say that my psilocybin experience was easy, but at a couple of points where I felt in duress first Kerrie and then later Alice came over to help guide me through. I can’t even begin to describe how important and valuable their intervention was. They did it with love and compassion and at a depth I have never really experienced before. Not only that, they seemed to instinctively know what and where the issues lay, they helped me see them and move through to a truly magical, even sacred place; an experience that I can’t describe in words but will never ever forget. The location, the food, the atmosphere of relaxed comradery they created were all wonderful, but it was the depth of their wisdom and compassionate insightful guidance that made it one of the most memorable, perhaps the most important weeks of my life, and I will be forever grateful to them both. If you are considering this retreat, I have only one final word for you...GO!
Best retreat experience ever- visited 2 years ago
Awesome environment. Incredibly helpful Shamans. Nutritious food served. Small, intimate group felt supportive and save.
A week of transformation- visited 2 years ago
I am so grateful for the psilicybin retreat with Kerrie and Alice. The location was beautiful and it immidiatly felt like home. Kerrie and Alice know how to create a safe and warm environment. They held beautiful ceremonies that helped me to dive deep into my emotions. Kerrie and Alice are an amazing team. They are really empathetic and I felt really supported by them during the week. I am extremely grateful for their help and guidance. It was an amazing experience that helped me see more clearly and helped me get a deeper understanding of what I want in life.
A transformative experience...- visited 2 years ago
I was one of the participants on the first retreat. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was better than I could have imagined. Kerrie and Alice, the retreat hosts, use a fully integrative approach to healing with psilocybin, offering days of self-exploration and emotional healing processes in between the ceremonies. I was left with a much deeper understanding of myself and my struggles.
My Shift Retreat Experience- visited 2 years ago
The shift retreat was singlehandedly the most spiritual experience of my life. I had a few experiences with mushrooms in the past. One of those experiences was very challenging. So I entered the retreat with some anxiety. On top of that, I wasn't sure what to expect tripping in a room full of "strangers". I can tell you that by the time the first ceremony happened on the 3rd day, the other participants were anything but strangers. Kerrie and Alice do an amazing job setting the tone, training your mind to prepare for the journey and integrating the group together. The group environment made the experience so much better. Not only are the other participants not strangers, we have all built a deep bond that seems impossible over one week. We are all planning a reunion retreat in the next year to get the group back together. If you are working on something in your life that you want to change....stuck in your career, relationship issues, depressions, etc... this retreat is the place for you. I'm so glad that I did it. I'm very grateful for the support and guidance that Kerrie and Alice provided. They are two of the most amazing people that I've ever met.
Complicated.- visited 2 years ago
I did three private sessions with Alice and Kerrie in August of 2018. Important as the experience was for me and grateful as I am, there were as many pitfalls in their boundaries. During my final integration session with Kerrie I had my eyes closed during a process. When I opened my eyes Kerrie said she had been recording me and showed me on her phone that there was an audio recording in her voice memos of the process I had been doing. Kerrie said she would send me this recording, which I never received. I didn't want to have the recording, though; I really wanted this recording not to exist. This was an issue of consent and boundaries: I didn’t consent to being recorded and I wasn’t aware that I was being recorded. There is a significant amount of trust that goes into this work and Kerrie recording me without my consent fractured that trust. This breach of trust has adversely affected my desire to work with them in the future and I wish it hadn’t happened. For the sake of their future clients, I hope that Alice and Kerrie will amend their practices and the consent document that their clients sign to include the facilitator’s responsibilities and boundaries in addition to what the document already indicates about the participant’s responsibilities and boundaries. The consent document doesn't delineate any of the facilitator's responsibilities, only the participants' and given the lack of boundaries exemplified by this incident I sincerely hope that Alice and Kerrie will amend that document to better protect their clients. Separately from this, I had a troubling conversation with Kerrie before a session. Someone who does integration in a separate setting had said to me that all illnesses are the result of an unconscious choice, which anyone with a background in clinical medicine/research (which I have) knows to be both patently false and essentially blames people with any kind of illness for their illness. This is both inaccurate and harmful. When I expressed to Kerrie how disturbing I found that statement, she said that she believed that statement to be true. She then used my autoimmune disease as an example and said that I must have wanted to have this autoimmune disease for some reason. I found that extremely concerning. No one with any illness deserves to be blamed for their condition under any circumstances, let alone by someone they're going out on a limb to trust *and* paying thousands of euros to provide a service that is nearly impossible to access. I really wanted this relationship to be a positive and enduring one and to be able to work with Alice and Kerrie in the future but they absolutely must reevaluate their practices and intentions for the sake of their clients.