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Female-led ceremonies, safe, environmentally sustainable, culturally respectful&reaffirming, highly educational, mutually beneficial
Parign Hak is a native initiative that offers female-led Ayahuasca retreats that include a traditional set of three ceremonies in combination with an unforgettable cultural experience within the natural and cultural environment of the Amazonian native Harakmbut people. The small group size ensures highly personalized attention to each participant. Native community members are encouraged to get involved, be it as support personnel or as retreat participants. All activities and interactions between hosts and visitors are carefully orchestrated to make each retreat safe, environmentally sustainable, culturally respectful and reaffirming, highly educational and mutually beneficial.
We practice the approach of traditional Shipibo medicine in ceremony and consider Ayahuasca a purge for holistic cleansing, a medicine for holistic healing, and a plant teacher for learning. In ceremony, icaros are used as a main tool for healing, followed by "sopladas" (tobacco smoke blowing from a ceremonial pipe), and agua de florida (flower water). Outside of ceremony we offer plant baths upon request. We also consider other activities that we share with out hosts (like forest walks and excursions, a visit to natural hot springs, casual evening gatherings/talking circles on non-ceremony days) a therapeutic means to teach hands-on about the many ways in which the individual can reconnect with the natural and social environment.
Parign Hak is located on the edge of Manu National Park, one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth in the mountain rainforest of the Southeastern Peruvian Amazon. Retreats here are as much about holistic cleansing, healing and learning about ourselves as it is for learning about rainforest culture and environment. The hosts are the founders and owners of “Parign Hak” (Grandma´s Home) and “Mini-hospital Majeno” (the ceremonial space). They are members of the native community of Shintuya and will provide basic lodging in cabins with two beds and mosquito netting each, as well as a separate ceremonial hut. There are no flush toilets but latrines, and river baths and cold showers. They cook our meals using their own produce and river fish as much as possible. They also guide visitors through the surrounding forest, teach about medicinal plants and other traditional healing tools, about their history and culture, they take visitor to nearby natural hot springs and integrate them into their family life.

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This center is open since April 20th 2015


Brew: Ayahuasca vine with Chacruna leaves, smoked tobacco and agua de florida

LocationOn communal lands, on the Upper Madre de Dios River, in between the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve and Manu National Park,

How to get thereWe offer private overland transportation from and to Cusco, as part of our retreat itinerary.

Accommodation and facilities

3 double rooms

Transfer from airport is available.


Music that is played during session

Live-sung icaros following te Shipibo tradition

Medical and safety

The center conducts an intake processFirst, we send out a detailed outline of the admission process, a rainforest itinerary including costs, and a registration form that we use to pre-select participants. We ask for the registration form to come in at least 6 weeks prior to the preferred retreat dates to allow enough time for proper screening and preparation. After receiving the filled out form, we assess each particular case and then, if there are no contraindications or other concern from our end, we ask for an initial deposit that will be considered a partial payment. Upon reception of the initial deposit, we send out a complete information package which contains all the necessary information that participants need to prepare properly, including a medical questionnaire and informed consent that is to be signed. Participants are also require to attend a face to face personal interview in Cusco, two days at the latest before the planned departure into the rainforest. This is where the individual admission process ends. There will also be a a pre-departure briefing together with all other participants in Cusco, on the day before the planned departure, to give participants the chance to meet and to ensure that everybody is well prepared for the retreat.

The center provides a follow up integration processDuring the retreat we have integration circles in between ceremonies and personal debriefs are available at all times with the ceremony leader. We encourage participants to share as much as possible about their life circumstances, past and present during the retreat, so that we can make individual recommendations with regard to practical "homework" after the retreat. After the retreat we make ourselves available for online support, consultations and follow-ups, as needed and determined by the participants, for up to three months after the retreat.


Retreat organizer, ceremony leader, rainforest guide, cultural facilitator Jessica Bertram/Isá Samë has been living in the Peruvian Southeastern Andes and Amazon for 22 years, doing traditional plant diets and working with Ayahuasca in the Shipibo tradition for 16 years. She is certified as a "médico tradicional" or Onanya by the "Escuela Superior de Medicina Tradicional Shipibo" (School for Traditional Shipibo Medicine) in Pucallpa and is an active member on the School´s advisory board. As a former Manu National Park naturalist rainforest guide, she has been doing ongoing ceremonial work with the Harakmbut and other indigenous people of the region. For the last 8 years, her focus has been on providing ethnopsychological assistance to increase native people´s self-esteem and revitalize cultural identity both inside and outside ceremonial contexts. As a co-founder, she does not only lead Ayahuasca ceremonies at Parign Hak and facilitates a culturally adapted healing and cleansing process in Ayahuasca´s natural home, but she also provides in-depth knowledge of the cultural and natural environment in which this work takes place, as part of the attempt to foster mutual cross-cultural understanding.
Retreat founder, owner, Mum of all and everybody, ceremony assistant Victoria Corisepa is Alberto´s wife and also founder and owner of Parign Hak. She is in charge of organizing the kitchen and keeping an eagle´s eye on the smooth unfolding of everybody´s work and duties during the retreat. She also makes most of the beautiful crafts from rainforest seeds that are offered for sale. With the help of Ayahuasca, and to the surprise of medical doctors, she has not only overcome a life-threatening illness many years ago, but also learned to appreciate her personal Huachiperi heritage (she named the ceremonial space “Mini-hosipital Majeno”, after her father who used tobacco for healing) and to use many of the medicinal plants available in the area. In ceremony she takes turns with her husband to help hold a safe space and assist participants if necessary.
Alberto Kiramo:
Retreat founder and owner, fish provider, local guide, ceremony assistant Alberto Kiramo is Victoria´s second husband and one of the founders and owners of Parign Hak. He has built all of the existing infrastructure, with the help of Victoria´s sons. As an experienced boatman, he is responsible for all river transportation during the trip. As an expert farmer and fisherman, he takes great pride in providing all the organic bananas and yummy river fish that you will find on your plate. He has ample personal experience with Ayahuasca which has helped him heal from past trauma and become a more reliable partner to his wife. His social status in the community of Shintuya has been steadily and healthily growing since the founding of PARIGN HAK. Before and during ceremony, he is in charge of creating and maintaining the ceremonial space safe, which he does using tobacco. This, his calm presence, his quiet manners and his overall solidity is very reassuring and have brought him to be nicknamed “the rock man”.
General maintainance Steve Flores Corisepa is Victoria´s second son. He takes care of the cabins and ceremonial space, he helps out in the kitchen, goes out fishing with Alberto and steps in wherever a helping hand is needed. With the help of Ayahuasca he has overcome many years of heavy physical and psychological abuse inflicted by Victoria´s first husband and his Andean family.


Sustainable projectsThe founders and owners of Parign Hak - Grandma´s Home are indigenous Harakbut (Amarakaeri and Wachiperi) people. We also use the communal ecotourism services provided by the Queros-Wachiperi native community in our itinerary.

Group Size

Maximum 5 persons per group


Maximum 2 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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4 Reviews

My week spent with Jessica at Parign Hak was one most transformative experiences of my life. She is a wise and gifted ayahuasquera, and the best Amazonian tour guide imaginable. Every plant we passed, every bird call that echoed through the air, every butterfly or frog or spider we saw, Jessica knew all of them! She along with the wonderful family at Parign Hak created a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment. It was an amazing experience to be exposed to the rich Harakbut culture, and to try their delicious traditional food. The ceremonies were excellent. The small groups were very personal and allowed for plenty of one-on-one work. Jessica´s icaros were exceptionally beautiful, and brought me much deeper than any of my prior ayahuasca ceremonies. I unlocked childhood memories I had completely forgotten about, and healed in ways I never thought possible. All in all it was an amazing week, and one I will never forget. Jessica is the perfect guide for both inner AND outer space, and I highly recommend her and the team at Parign Hak.

- visited 6 years ago

It was a life change experience. We were treated as a family member within the community, the food is amazing (fishes were the best) and the nature is astonishing. The ceremonies were unbelievable, now i understand why Dennis McKenna suggests this retreat in Perú. I feel much more confident and clear about my life. I feel self-empowered again. In my oponion the work that the master does is oriented to responsability, love and respectful. Absolutly reliable... I am going to come back soon... greatful and humble

- visited 5 years ago

I can not recommend Parign Hak enough. It was such a once in a lifetime experience. Jessica was such a tremendous guide and I don't think I would have gone on the retreat if it wasn't for her. She was so passionate about what she does and it reflects in her personality. She is very trustworthy and caring and really helps you through your experience. I learned so much about the native communities and the area that we were staying and was able to build some connections with some of the locals. There is truly not another trip I have found that is like it. If you want a real authentic experience that also digs deep in the culture of the area/ people than this is your best choice. I have been in Peru for 10 months and this has been one of my major highlights. You won't regret going on this trip. It was such a phenomenal experience.

- visited 5 years ago

Visiting Parign Hak is an amazing experience unlike anything else on earth. The ayahuasquera Jessica (while not indigenous) has been deeply embedded in the indigenous culture for over 20 years, and REALLY knows her stuff! I’m a single female from the United States, and I’m fairly inexperienced with world travel... I was initially a little scared to go into the Amazon, but not anymore! In addition to being an Ayahuasquera, Jessica was a guide for Manu National Park for years, and she made the journey into the jungle informative, safe and fun! She has a brilliant sense of humor and is very easy to talk to (she speaks English, Spanish and German). She’s always there if anyone needs personal attention, or help integrating the ayahuasca experience OR a hug - thanks Jessica ;-) . Parign Hak has a huge focus on learning about the local Harakbut people, which is a beautiful and life-changing experinence in and of itself. This place is phenomenal, and I can’t wait to go back!!

- visited 5 years ago

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