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It was wild

8200 Albufeira, Portugal



All 3 trips were unique experiences. First trip: super visual I saw everything from colorful patterns to being born, to a wall of dead faces that I was in a dance rave with. I know, it was wild! Second trip: vocal/physical I made the silliest noises. Like a baby testing it's limits. Some of them i felt like i had control and others my body was on autopilot and I was just observing. Third trip: insightful The other two trips were very fun and I laughed my ass off but this last one was a bit more serious. I basically rewrote a traumatic experience that happened when I was a child. Along with forgiving Jesus of all things and giving my dead father a hug! All in all mother aya showed me that I can entertain myself and have fun. I didn't become someone else rather the medicine just nudged open the banana peel to reveal what was already there. Instead of focusing on external validation and approval I'm now my own best friend and it's awesome! The staff are beautiful people that truly care about you and make you feel safe. They are your guides but they basically become your family. I really enjoyed my experience and definitely want to come back at some point. But for now I'm too busy enjoying life. Love you guys!

Visited Wednesday, April 19th 2023

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