Review for Mind Medicine Australia

Worst experience of my life

1/10 Dorcas St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia



This review is based on my experience with this organisation. Dealing with this charity was nothing short of a nightmare, and I witnessed many unethical practices. They take advantage of the goodwill of people who come into the space and squeeze out their workers and volunteers until they burn out. Many people I spoke with also had terrible dealings with them and were traumatised. I wonder why people keep supporting them? I received so many calls from them that bordered on harassment. Their emails didn't have an Unsubscribe button, and their refund policy was highly questionable. Fueled by desperation and greed, they leave a trail of damage in their way. I heard accounts from ex-staff of maltreatment, abuse and gaslighting. I can understand why all other psychedelic organisations in the country refuse to deal with them. My dear, this organisation does not reflect humanitarian values at all. Have they even taken psychedelics? God save them. Avoid.

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