Centro Ancestral Inca Shamanico Amazonico Espiritual

Cusco, Peru

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CAISAE (Amazonian Incan Shamanic Spiritual Ancestral Centre) is a cultural centre. We are an association of various professional Master Shamans f the Andean High Plains and the Amazon. We work at the therapeutic level, incorporating ancestral medicine from the Incan and pre-Incan inhabitants of Peru.

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You can help the community by sharing an honest review of their experience with these organizations. Thank you Ayahuasca Sacred Medicinal Plant. My life gave an absolute change in the whole process. It helped me heal my traumas, deep wounds of the body, mind and spirit. For over 4 years I have been taking ayahuasca as in 10 ayahuasca centers. So far the best authentic professional place that guarantees, responsibility, security, seriousness in all the healing service shamanic. It is the Community of Shamans of Peru. Here I found experienced shamans of specialty in the different healing ceremonies: energy cleansing, mother earth offering, flowering baths, coca leaf readings, Inca meditation, etc. Thanks to Dr. ayahuasca, I changed my life. Ayahuasca is magical, a powerful plant of mysterious power that understands your personal problems. Before doing must have faith, intention and believe in the virtues of the plant. www.caisae.com

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