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My Time at Rainforest Healing Center

Iquitos, Peru



My Time at Rainforest Healing Center I was fortunate enough to have spent a whole month at RHC because my best friend Karin is a team member there. For the first two weeks I was there as a volunteer, helping getting the center ready for the next group. During this time I had my private tambo, which was fantastic! The location of Tambo de Luz is spectacular because you look down on the rainforest and the bathing area is just mind-blowing. You’re in the middle of pristine rainforest and especially towards dusk you can feel peace descend on the forest and the daytime creatures make room for the nocturnal creatures. This changing of the guards takes a good hour in which there is tremendous peace, which gave me a feeling of deep connection with nature and myself. I also want to tell you a little bit about my retreat. I was with a really nice group of people, very intimate, which was perfect for me. In Holland I had participated in a few large ceremonies of over 40 people but I quickly realised that this wasn’t for me at all. So the intimate group size and the feeling of brother and sisterhood you have with your fellow retreat-goers and the staff is priceless. The facilitator Muri helped me set my intentions for each ceremony. I couldn’t have wished for a more loving person to walk me through my journey!! We had an amazing connection and she recognised many of the things I was dealing with, so she was a great support. Setting an intention before going into ceremony was a new experience for me, and I wished I had known about the importance of it before. In ceremony, it helped me a lot to direct my attention to the issues I wanted to work on. When I purged, I knew exactly what I was purging, which helped me heal my issues much more deeply. The shaman was another essential factor in my experience at the center. I felt a very strong connection with him, which was enhanced when I lay next to him in ceremony twice. Listening to his icaros released an array of emotions in me; comfort, joy, the feeling of being held, but also the push I needed to purge. His venteadas, or private sessions with me in ceremony, were so powerful! They would induce another wave of release in my ceremony. I wholeheartedly recommend RHC as a safe, warm and breathtakingly beautiful center in the middle of the Amazon. The staff and shaman are very loving and were always there for me. I am going back this year to continue my healing journey in this home away from home!

Number of Participants in ceremony: 6




Basic but very comfortable given the remoteness of the center.


Professional and loving.


Super powerful!




From the moment I filled in my application, to the Skype interview with Karin, the retreat workbook, the emails with loads of info to my arrival in Iquitos - everything was well organised and I felt well-prepared.

Booking process

Very fast reply! Within a week I was interviewed and given the green light.

Follow up integration

My friend Karin is always there for me, and I'm still in touch with the other team members as well. They're there for me when I need them.

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