Review for Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegría De Amor

Beautiful, safe and so much love & support!

Iquitos, Peru



I had thought about Ayahuasca for years, I know one of the founders of RHC so when I felt it was my time, there was no question on where I would go. I had no idea how lucky I was! I’ve heard horror stories of bad experiences at other retreats and I can only imagine how hard it must be to make a decision based on online reviews and pictures! All I can say is that this is your place! You can stop looking! There are so many wonderful things to say but overall the feeling of love and instant family is what was so surprising to me. I felt safe and cared for in every way. I was given so much individual attention but also time and space to myself to reflect and process. The facilitators Freddy & Nelson genuinely love and support you every step of the way! They listen, offer advice and are extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. They suggest books to read and help you with your intention for ceremonies. I don’t think I could’ve done this without them🙏🏼 Kristina is the on-site manager but she is so much more than that! She also offers Kambo and is extremely knowledgeable with that process. She just brings a sweetness to the place:) Then there are the Shaman… If you ever considered working with Ayahuasca without a shaman please reconsider! Being in the jungle and having the shaman guide you and sing to you during the ceremonies was such a huge part of my experience and journey! They know what they’re doing, they communicate with the spirit and work on every person individually. They work so incredibly hard and are so sweet, happy, gentle and kind. They hug you like you are family and tell you they love you and you feel it. These are not things that can be simulated or faked. This boutique center has a maximum of 8 people to give the best care and attention to everyone. The facilities are somewhat rustic (you are in the jungle) but extremely comfortable and private. It felt rather luxurious compared to what I was expecting ☺️ This is by far the best gift I have ever given myself! I only went for 7 days but I’m already trying to plan my next visit. I made huge progress in just 3 ceremonies but I can’t wait to dive in deeper and learn more! P.S. the food was delicious!😋

Number of Participants in ceremony: 4


Deep in the jungle, beautiful & natural


Very nice tambo’s with private bathing area & composting toilet. Far from each other for maximum privacy


Full of knowledge, intuitive, kind and loving! I felt very much supported by them.


Well, we all know it tastes horrible 😝 but my visions, messages and signs were amazing!🙌🏼



I felt very safe


Plenty of suggestions for diet, reading and mental preparation

Booking process

Super easy

Follow up integration

They offer WhatsApp group chats and twice monthly zoom meetings.

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