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The best place for deep healing !

Iquitos, Peru



The Rainforest Healing Center is home. I spent a long time in the process of deciding where I wanted to attend my first Ayahuasca retreat but something kept bringing my back to the RHC, I felt its warmth even through the words and pages online. So I took the leap and am infinitely grateful because of it!! My experience is tough to quantify in words but the people at the center and the space they create and hold is magic for such deep healing. I felt safe, guided, cared for, loved and for the week I spent there it became home. I did three ceremonies and each time was able to really dive deep into my intention with the help of the staff who really became such beautiful family! They were catalysts for such growth and self-reflection and to me, were guides pushing me in the right direction back to myself always respecting the gentle nature of the work. It can be an overwhelming process working with medicine like this but never did I feel I didn’t have guidance. I was also empowered to use my own guidance system and felt lovingly shown how to step into my independence. Because of the intimacy of such a small group we too became medicine for each other, family forever. Love and care are poured into everything, the massively nourishing meals, the integration talks, the helpful tips, and the medicine as its being provided. Everything so well thought out from the day to day activity to the sacredness and attention put into the ceremonies that my only focus was put on why I was there. My healing. The space is beautifully built, peaceful, secluded yet wild and free! It flows with the wild of the jungle and creates a natural, harmonious, freeing, heart filed way of being! The accommodations were so comfortable and I was given my own space for reflection, feeling held and secure yet free and independent with my time to my own. The RHC is home, it is a beautiful sacred space for medicine work. I am grateful for all of the staff, the shamans, the love poured into every piece and part of their mission and for their deep respect and honor of the vine and the traditions. I am forever changed by my Ayahuasca experience with this center and cannot wait to return!! I love you guys!! Thank you for guiding in opening my heart and expanding my mind!! I'm also very grateful to be given kambo and really glad I did so for the first time with Kristina who is very knowledgeable at administering the medicine. She is so so sweet and nurturing!! I'm already excited to go back and engage more with this powerful medicine. My senses are sharp and I feel so light!! Thank you!

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