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Serious about healing

Iquitos, Peru



Hi there, It’s been a little over a month ago now since I have left Rainforest Healing Center. This is a very aptly named. These people are serious about healing! For instance there are free bi weekly integration meetings for past guests over the internet. That are very helpful in helping to adjust to our busy lives back home. I won’t write much about the amazing facilities and staff, as they are just fantastic and already well-described in other guests’ reviews. Everything is very professionally run by people who genuinely care and love what they are doing, something that really shows. I was really fortunately to receive a very generous family discount, otherwise I would not have been able to attend. Despite this, my opinion is in no way affected by this very kind act. This alone shows to me that this place is set up for helping people and not as a money maker. It shows in all the details of the centre. The one word that keeps popping up to describe RHC is ‘sincere'. For a place as alien and challenging to city slickers as the jungle can be, great efforts have been made by the staff to make it as comfortable as it can get. It still is no 5-star luxurious resort and it will never be that. It’s arguably a far richer experience than that! I personally had no issues being comfortable whatsoever. I have attended the 11-day ayahuasca retreat with added Ajo Sacha dieta for integration purposes. All I can say that it has done more for me than years of trying to find help for my issues (a mix of generalised anxiety, mild burnout and PTSD) here in the West, which I felt is just not available. And where the standard suggestion always seems to be to take some antidepressants, which I have always kindly declined. Deep down inside I knew that the root of my issues was trauma, regardless if it was caused by others or myself while being in a less conscious state. I had enough of these issues hampering my ability to live a full and satisfying life based on my own terms. I realised I had to go deep inside and get a more complete understanding of my condition and being. For me the retreat was the way. It is like the reset button has been pressed and I can start rebuilding myself anew—not being hampered by old trauma, and with greater awareness and consciousness. This is the real work that needs to be done and still is ongoing. And although the healing centre could/would never claim that they can heal, for legal reasons, take my word for it that it really does. Thanks to my time in the jungle I have managed to kick unhealthy habits such as drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, having a poor diet, and not exercising. I fully realise that I have been given this fantastic opportunity to change my life for the better and am now able to take full responsibility for my own well-being, something that I was not able to do to this extent before. This in itself has been very empowering. I am really grateful for this whole experience and am already able to experience moments of deep happiness and inner peace that I had never imagined possible. In hindsight it is the best investment in myself that I could have ever made. Even at full price it would have been.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 8


Amazingly pure and as little touched as possible jungle in the heart of Peru


Perfect mix between raw jungle and enough creature comforts for western city slickers.


My facilitator has a back ground in phsyco therapy, and was an incredibly helpful, professional, and lovely person.


From what I have been told first class. Grow and lovingly prepared on centres own property. It certainly worked for me!


I felt that we could have an open and honest discussion. That contributed a lot to my healing proces. There were daily healing intention setting and integration chats.


I felt really safe despite being in the midst of the jungle In a poor country.


Very clear intake process, diet preparations and practical information.

Booking process

Easy to understand and plenty of help given if required, very professional.

Follow up integration

There is a free bi weekly internet chat for past visitors. And documentation is sent with helpful tips. One of the few places to provide this.

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