Rainforest Healing Center

Review for Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegría De Amor

4.6 - Based on 11 reviewsIquitos, Peru

Rainforest Healing Center
 4 years ago
Amazing healing center

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the location of that center is perfect -- in middle of Rainforest Jungle is amazing~


RHC makes sure the environment is SAFE and for you to be healed! You will leave RHC a different person with a different perspective~


Facilitators are amazing and awesome! They all rock~


Plant medicine is something I can't describe however they sure heal you in its miraculous style~


I feel very safe with my amazing group. We have perfect dynamics and we have awesome support system~


I have never felt so SAFE in the middle of jungle~


We have time to prepare ourselves for the ayahuasca experience~ No regrets at all~

Booking process

Karin makes this so easy~

Follow up integration

Reintegration is something I am still working on~ It is so simple and easy just to stay at RHC forever~ :)

Visited Saturday, June 24th 2017