Rainforest Healing Center Chakra Alegría De Amor

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Our vision for Chakra Alegria de Amor is guided by our intentions to serve the highest good of human consciousness, the plant and animal kingdoms, and Mother Gaia (Earth). La Madre Ayahuasca has given each of us at Chakra Alegria de Amor tremendous gifts. Our goal is a simple one: we want to honor those gifts by making this Medicine available to others. We want to spread the love that the Medicine has instilled in us. What sets us apart from other centers is the private and boutique approach we have taken. We screen applicants carefully and only allow up to 8 people per retreat. We provide private (single or double) occupancy tambos or ‘huts’ to allow guests to receive an intimate yet comfortable stay while working with Ayahuasca. We also farm organic produce for the traditional diet on our Permaculture Farm.
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My Time at Rainforest Healing Center I was fortunate enough to have spent a whole month at RHC because my best friend Karin is a team member there. For the first two weeks I was there as a volunteer, helping getting the center ready for the next group. During this time I had my private tambo, which was fantastic! The location of Tambo de Luz is spectacular because you look down on the rainforest and the bathing area is just mind-blowing. You’re in the middle of pristine rainforest and especially towards dusk you can feel peace descend on the forest and the daytime creatures make room for the nocturnal creatures. This changing of the guards takes a good hour in which there is tremendous peace, which gave me a feeling of deep connection with nature and myself. I also want to tell you a little bit about my retreat. I was with a really nice group of people, very intimate, which was perfect for me. In Holland I had participated in a few large ceremonies of over 40 people but I quickly realised that this wasn’t for me at all. So the intimate group size and the feeling of brother and sisterhood you have with your fellow retreat-goers and the staff is priceless. The facilitator Muri helped me set my intentions for each ceremony. I couldn’t have wished for a more loving person to walk me through my journey!! We had an amazing connection and she recognised many of the things I was dealing with, so she was a great support. Setting an intention before going into ceremony was a new experience for me, and I wished I had known about the importance of it before. In ceremony, it helped me a lot to direct my attention to the issues I wanted to work on. When I purged, I knew exactly what I was purging, which helped me heal my issues much more deeply. The shaman was another essential factor in my experience at the center. I felt a very strong connection with him, which was enhanced when I lay next to him in ceremony twice. Listening to his icaros released an array of emotions in me; comfort, joy, the feeling of being held, but also the push I needed to purge. His venteadas, or private sessions with me in ceremony, were so powerful! They would induce another wave of release in my ceremony. I wholeheartedly recommend RHC as a safe, warm and breathtakingly beautiful center in the middle of the Amazon. The staff and shaman are very loving and were always there for me. I am going back this year to continue my healing journey in this home away from home!
Amazing center- visited 2 years ago
I am beyond grateful for everything RHC has done for me. The center is very safe and the staff are friendly. They make time for any questions. The staff are always smiling and I am so thankful for their service. My trip to RHC is the best thing I've ever done. RHC also prepares us before, during, and after the retreat. I asked a lot of questions before coming and received so much support. I came with a lot of baggage, became naked spiritually, and left transformed. I defintely am coming back.
A professional healing center- visited 2 years ago
I did two Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Netherlands and two in Portugal. In June this year I went for the first time to Peru to do a ten day Ayahuasca retreat with 5 ceremonies at RHC Chakra Alegria. Both, Netherlands and Portugal, was a nice experience for me but only after Peru I really understand what Ayahuasca can do for you and how powerful this medicine is. It is comparing amateur football with Champions League! RHC wants to heal people and that’s why they will only accept maximum 8 guests so that every person can get the full attention of the manager, it’s staff and the Shaman. The location is perfect, each Tambo stands alone while they’re spread over the property. A bucket shower is like a blessing, your day will start happy! 😊 Because of the more than 120 plants on the domain, the water is from an unheard quality, your hair will feel softer, your skin looks better. It’s not easy to prepare a good and delicious meal with the restrictions of the Aya diet but at RHC they manage to do so, food is of good quality and it is tasty. I want to say once more: ‘Thank you very much Murielle’ Murielle is the manager at RHC and she is a fantastic person, dedicated her life to help others. She travelled throughout the world, has passed her exam at the University of Life Cum Laude and in my opinion, that makes her the perfect person to run RHC and help the guests. The Shaman was not only a nice person but also very professional, His brew was of high quality and he led the ceremonies in a very good way. Once the ceremony is finished, between midnight and 1 am, everyone sleeps in the Maloca, the Shaman and one of the staff will sleep there as well, so they will not leave you alone. As you can see at RHC they really care about you! The rest of the staff and the volunteers, all nice and friendly people, all there to help you, also a big thank you to all of you. And don’t forget Karin, she’s the one you will meet first via Skype. I spoke to her for 1 ½ hour, I immediately had a good feeling and no doubts about the quality of RHC. Thank you as well. Conclusion: If you’re serious about healing and looking for a professional center I can recommend RHC Chakra Alegria with confidence and with all my heart. You don’t have to look any further.
Rainforest Healing Center- visited 2 years ago
Amazing healing center
Serious about healing- visited a year ago
Hi there, It’s been a little over a month ago now since I have left Rainforest Healing Center. This is a very aptly named. These people are serious about healing! For instance there are free bi weekly integration meetings for past guests over the internet. That are very helpful in helping to adjust to our busy lives back home. I won’t write much about the amazing facilities and staff, as they are just fantastic and already well-described in other guests’ reviews. Everything is very professionally run by people who genuinely care and love what they are doing, something that really shows. I was really fortunately to receive a very generous family discount, otherwise I would not have been able to attend. Despite this, my opinion is in no way affected by this very kind act. This alone shows to me that this place is set up for helping people and not as a money maker. It shows in all the details of the centre. The one word that keeps popping up to describe RHC is ‘sincere'. For a place as alien and challenging to city slickers as the jungle can be, great efforts have been made by the staff to make it as comfortable as it can get. It still is no 5-star luxurious resort and it will never be that. It’s arguably a far richer experience than that! I personally had no issues being comfortable whatsoever. I have attended the 11-day ayahuasca retreat with added Ajo Sacha dieta for integration purposes. All I can say that it has done more for me than years of trying to find help for my issues (a mix of generalised anxiety, mild burnout and PTSD) here in the West, which I felt is just not available. And where the standard suggestion always seems to be to take some antidepressants, which I have always kindly declined. Deep down inside I knew that the root of my issues was trauma, regardless if it was caused by others or myself while being in a less conscious state. I had enough of these issues hampering my ability to live a full and satisfying life based on my own terms. I realised I had to go deep inside and get a more complete understanding of my condition and being. For me the retreat was the way. It is like the reset button has been pressed and I can start rebuilding myself anew—not being hampered by old trauma, and with greater awareness and consciousness. This is the real work that needs to be done and still is ongoing. And although the healing centre could/would never claim that they can heal, for legal reasons, take my word for it that it really does. Thanks to my time in the jungle I have managed to kick unhealthy habits such as drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, having a poor diet, and not exercising. I fully realise that I have been given this fantastic opportunity to change my life for the better and am now able to take full responsibility for my own well-being, something that I was not able to do to this extent before. This in itself has been very empowering. I am really grateful for this whole experience and am already able to experience moments of deep happiness and inner peace that I had never imagined possible. In hindsight it is the best investment in myself that I could have ever made. Even at full price it would have been.
Jasmine - visited 3 months ago
It has been a few months since I was in the jungle. I wanted to wait to write this to share what has changed for me as a result of this beautiful experience and connection. Firstly I felt the Rainforest Healing Centre (RHC) is a sacred, safe space - where all of the workers/healers are protective, loving, respectful and know there stuff. The jungle is breath-taking, wild and free, just being there allowed me the space and time to focus on what is important. At the centre the water and food is clean and fresh, detoxing. The centre feels like home and especially with the dogs and cats and a monkey running around :-) I had two ceremonies with the Master Vine. Both times the ceremony space (due to the facilitators and healers), was safe and contained, very reassuring. I also did a Master Plant Diet with Bobinsana, wow! The experience of connecting with these plants and allowing for support and transformation was like nothing I have ever felt. They have allowed me to see different possibilities to situations that were previously thought and felt helpless to change or think differently about. This has been the best gift I have ever received. Since being back a situation that dominated my life (in a negative way), has resolved. I believe this is because I was finally able to allow it to, after my experience in the Jungle. I have also resolved a few bad daily habits that were making me unhealthy. Being able to reset in the Jungle helped me to break the cord to these habits just enough to make the change. Of course it has not been all smooth sailing and I have gone back and forth with some other bad habits (especially in times of stress). But the lessons from the retreat are not far from my mind. I know that I have something within that I did not have before. So I can keep moving forward and changing what I need to. After the retreat I have also reached out to RHC and received the support I needed which helped me to refocus. I would recommend this incredible place to anyone who wants to go. I hope I am lucky enough to go back again. Forever Grateful xx Jasmine.