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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru



The best decision I have made in terms of allowing myself to begin healing years ago was the choice to work with the medicine and the shamans at Nimea Kaya. I was called to the medicine for many reasons, but mostly because I knew it was time to get to the root of my traumas that I have carried in my vessel. My heart knows the medicine is here, in the jungle, in Pucallpa. Nimea Kaya is quaint, authentic in its own right. the facility is clean, well kept, spacious and living quarters are comfortable and well-maintained. The ceremonial maloka is a beautiful building where ceremonies are held and on ceremony nights (there are 4) you are welcomed by the beautiful singing of the Icaros by two shamans who magically channel the spirit of the medicine (Ayahuasca) and I have been witness to my own healing as well as many others who surrender to the medicine and all it offers. The facilitators who are there to hold space for you during ceremonies are also working the entire time to ensure that you not only enjoy your stay, but also assist in processing your experiences. Yoga, meditation, art workshops, a trip to Ucayali river by boat, integration circles, amazing food and kitchen staff all highlighted my stay. The grounds are sacred and anyone who walks here knows they are being held close by the love that has manifiested itself over many years now. I can not speak enough about how the medicine is here in Peru to help and facilitate anyone who wants to heal and do so in a manner where they work with the medicine to penetrate to the root of many of our ailments that impede us in our physical, emotional and spiritual dance in this dimension. All meals are prepared with love and focus on providing you the proper nourishment needed while you work with the medicine. Doubt your doubts and let your heart guide you and listen close to your call here, it is by no mistake that you ran across Nimea Kaya. Bet on yourself, come to Nimea Kaya and you will be led to a new home away from home! Namaste.

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