Love is the answer

Review for Nimea Kaya Healing Center

Love is the answer
 2 years ago
My call to Ayahuasca came after struggling to find clarity in a world full of information. Years of depression and conditioning seemed to blind me to simple truths. That ended when I first came to Nimea Kaya. The property was a vibrant mixture of plants, trees, hammocks and shelters. The staff was incredible, full of love and support. The food was delicious and creative and as a vegan I was delighted to not need to explain myself. I was amazed by the shamans and the elegance of the ceremonies, each ceremony brought a new insight. I feel so blessed to have had this healing done in such a supportive atmosphere and recommend everybody to visit Ayahuasca and claim your gifts!

Number of people in ceremony: 16


Loved the environment


Was grateful for mosquito netting :)


The facilitators were the most amazing part, loving, supportive, creative, knowledgeable. They were my angels






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Visited Wednesday, November 25th 2015