Life Changing Experience!

Review for Nimea Kaya Healing Center

Life Changing Experience!
 2 years ago
My first retreat at Nimea Kaya was back in September 2015 and since then my life has not been the same. I initially chose this place because I got a good vibe from the website, but I wasn't sure what to look for when choosing an ayahuasca retreat. After my first ceremony I knew why I'd chosen the right place. An ayahuasca ceremony is unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was intense and a bit frightening, but the staff made sure I was safe and always made sure to give me enough space to go through my journey. Everyone was so supportive and loving and I knew that I was completely safe to let go and let my ayahuasca journey go as deep and it needed to go. The ability to let go knowing that I was safe and being watched over provided the most healing experiences of my life! I'm so grateful for this place and recommend to anyone who is looking to transform their life.

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Visited Monday, September 28th 2015