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The Nimea Kaya Healing Center is devoted to the collective healing of Mother Earth and humanity. In the Shipibo language, Nimea Kaya signifies Spirit of the Jungle. Through our retreats we aim to help our guests awaken to their fullest potential by expanding their consciousness and healing their bodies, minds & spirits. We also focus on raising awareness in the preservation of shamanic traditions, local indigenous cultures and the Amazon Rainforest. We are dedicated here at the center in helping those individuals seeking life transformative change and growth. Our ceremonial work with Madre Ayahuasca, guided by local Shipibo Healers, has helped many guests from all over the world find more balance, peace & purpose in their lives.
Our shamanic retreats are designed to accommodate each individual on their path of awakening and healing. We offer nine day retreats with a series of four Ayahuasca ceremonies guided by Shipibo Shamans, also known as Curanderos or Ayahuasqueros. Our healers have been well established in the shamanic ayahuasca practice for several decades. Our medicine is made on site during each retreat where the guests may assist in the sacred brewing process. We only use the ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves. No other admixtures are used.
Our ceremonies are facilitated with the utmost integrity and responsibility. There is always a minimum of five of our staff members in every ceremony assisting our guests through their healing journeys with the sacred medicine. These staff members do not drink the ayahuasca medicine during these ceremonies.
Drinking the ayahuasca medicine during ceremonies allows the participants to expand their consciousness to a multi-faceted universe. Ayahuasca takes the individual through a process of cleansing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The individual journeys through a series of visions often receiving profound realizations that lead them to a place of healing, understanding and balance within themselves.
During the course of the retreat we offer facilitated group sharing and one on one counseling. We prefer our groups no larger than 15 people to accommodate an intimate and personal setting during ceremony. Our ceremonial Maloca is very spacious, providing a comfortable environment for the profound experience. It is situated in the midst of beautiful native plants and trees where the orchestra of nature graciously joins us in our sacred ceremonies.

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This center is open since October 1st 2008


Ayahausca and Chacruna.

LocationThe Nimea Kaya Healing Center is located on 25 acres of land in the lowland jungles of the Amazon, on the outskirts of Pucallpa, Peru. We recently relocated in early 2013 to a beautiful sacred piece of land formerly owned by the renowned visionary Ayahuasca painter, Pablo Amaringo, in the village of La Florida. Our home becomes your home, a place of peace, harmony & relaxation for your journey with the medicine. Here we are dedicated to maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable environment.

How to get thereAirport Pick-up is provided

Accommodation and facilities

Transfer from airport is available.


Music that is played during session

Shamans sing Icaros

Medical and safety

The center has medical facilities available on-siteWe have first aid kits and supplies on site.

The center has medical facilities available nearbyHospitals and Clinics

The center has a psychological therapist available on-siteCounseling with experienced facilitators is offered in one on one sessions.

The center conducts an intake processApplication Form is required via the website

The center provides a follow up integration processIntegration Circles are offered after each ceremony. We also offer coaching for integration post retreat.

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentAyahuasca Ceremonies offered for healing the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. Life transformation, expansion & growth thru these ceremonies can be achieved.


Diodemero Minas, Rosenda Flores, Agosto Gomes, Ercilia Flores - Shipibo Shamans with average 20 years experience.


Sustainable projectsOur NGO, Selva Spirit Association, is involved with Amazon re-forestation projects, health & clean water projects in the surrounding region, supports the local Amazon Bilingual School.

Group Size

Maximum 16 persons per group


Maximum 3 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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7 Reviews

I have been coming to Peru and working with the medicine for about two and a half years now. After experiencing working with the medicine at two other centres, I must admit that I am most blown away with the experiene I had at Nimea Kaya. Right from when you walk through the gates, the beautiful bridge and picturesque landscape welcome you to your new home in the most jaw dropping way. The grounds are incredibly well maintained and the nature and wildlife are everything that you would expect as a setting to work with the medicine. The staff are next level as well. I have NEVER experienced a level of care, commitment to safety and heart-felt support during my time at Nimea Kaya (both in and out of ceremony). This is something that was almost all but lacking at other centre's I visited but at Nimea Kaya is truly felt like the cornerstone to the whole experience. The Medicine and the Shamans were 5stars as well. I have never had to drink less medicine to receive the same level of healing as I had in pervious trips to Peru at other centres. The medicine is filled with love and the Shamans are extremely powerful and personable. I was able to open up and work through my "baggage" so to speak and always felt supported and safe. The healing was wonderful! The classes and workshops in-between ceremony were an added bonus I must say. The visionary painting session was outstanding and the integration circles were beyond valuable. Oh and how could I forget the FOOD! Honestly, this was one of the best culinary experiences I've had at a centre (just wait till you try the pineapple mash!). Even for those people who are normally meat eaters, there wasn't a complaint in the room whatsoever. Accommodations were spacious and wonderful (very jungle-chic!) and the showers were modern, tiled and spacious as well. All in all, if you're looking for a safe and beautiful centre where you'll be treated like family and feel supported through and through while you work with the medicine, then Nimea Kaya is 100% for you!

- visited 5 years ago

My call to Ayahuasca came after struggling to find clarity in a world full of information. Years of depression and conditioning seemed to blind me to simple truths. That ended when I first came to Nimea Kaya. The property was a vibrant mixture of plants, trees, hammocks and shelters. The staff was incredible, full of love and support. The food was delicious and creative and as a vegan I was delighted to not need to explain myself. I was amazed by the shamans and the elegance of the ceremonies, each ceremony brought a new insight. I feel so blessed to have had this healing done in such a supportive atmosphere and recommend everybody to visit Ayahuasca and claim your gifts!

- visited 8 years ago

The best decision I have made in terms of allowing myself to begin healing years ago was the choice to work with the medicine and the shamans at Nimea Kaya. I was called to the medicine for many reasons, but mostly because I knew it was time to get to the root of my traumas that I have carried in my vessel. My heart knows the medicine is here, in the jungle, in Pucallpa. Nimea Kaya is quaint, authentic in its own right. the facility is clean, well kept, spacious and living quarters are comfortable and well-maintained. The ceremonial maloka is a beautiful building where ceremonies are held and on ceremony nights (there are 4) you are welcomed by the beautiful singing of the Icaros by two shamans who magically channel the spirit of the medicine (Ayahuasca) and I have been witness to my own healing as well as many others who surrender to the medicine and all it offers. The facilitators who are there to hold space for you during ceremonies are also working the entire time to ensure that you not only enjoy your stay, but also assist in processing your experiences. Yoga, meditation, art workshops, a trip to Ucayali river by boat, integration circles, amazing food and kitchen staff all highlighted my stay. The grounds are sacred and anyone who walks here knows they are being held close by the love that has manifiested itself over many years now. I can not speak enough about how the medicine is here in Peru to help and facilitate anyone who wants to heal and do so in a manner where they work with the medicine to penetrate to the root of many of our ailments that impede us in our physical, emotional and spiritual dance in this dimension. All meals are prepared with love and focus on providing you the proper nourishment needed while you work with the medicine. Doubt your doubts and let your heart guide you and listen close to your call here, it is by no mistake that you ran across Nimea Kaya. Bet on yourself, come to Nimea Kaya and you will be led to a new home away from home! Namaste.

- visited 6 years ago

My first retreat at Nimea Kaya was back in September 2015 and since then my life has not been the same. I initially chose this place because I got a good vibe from the website, but I wasn't sure what to look for when choosing an ayahuasca retreat. After my first ceremony I knew why I'd chosen the right place. An ayahuasca ceremony is unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was intense and a bit frightening, but the staff made sure I was safe and always made sure to give me enough space to go through my journey. Everyone was so supportive and loving and I knew that I was completely safe to let go and let my ayahuasca journey go as deep and it needed to go. The ability to let go knowing that I was safe and being watched over provided the most healing experiences of my life! I'm so grateful for this place and recommend to anyone who is looking to transform their life.

- visited 8 years ago

I have now attended two retreats at Nimea Kaya, and I can safely say that each of these life-changing experiences were some of the most profound and beautiful that I’ve ever had. Everything about Nimea Kaya was magical; the staff had such a warm and welcoming energy and were such wise and supportive people, I’m so grateful to now share such a strong and deep connection with each one of them and to call each my friend. The accommodation and grounds are sublime – the beds are so comfortable and rooms spacious, as are the grounds which are vast and are teaming with all kinds of nature… the retreat is worth attending for strolling around the grounds and encountering the nature alone! The other buildings and facilities, the maloca, lounge, kitchen, toilets and showers are all of excellent quality, and the food is absolutely delicious, so fresh and satisfying. The maloca, being the place of ceremony, has such beautiful and strong energy – that was my favourite place to go, whether in my free time, during the ceremony, or the delightful voluntary activities, which include daily yoga and meditation. It’s so easy to close my eyes and feel as if I am there again and recall every sensation with each of my senses, and feel the happiness, love and positive vibes that have been created in that space and still resonate there, and the song of the incredible shamans, each local (Shipibo) and highly experienced, who are there to help and guide you whenever needed, throughout your journey. And so the journey… the medicine… ayahuasca herself. 4 ceremonies over 9 days – the perfect amounts respectively. What an astounding and profound experience it is. To connect with Mother Earth and ‘real’-ise the wonderful and marvellous beauty within her and yourself, is an experience that can hardly be put into third-dimensional words… the wisdom of the world lies within you, and to have any clue what that truly means, you have to know the experience yourself. Nimea Kaya is the by far the perfect and ideal place to undergo this journey, which will change your life for the better, make your life and it’s reasoning more clear, and the clarity and wisdom will always be thereafter. I love you all and thank you for sharing this journey of life with me.

- visited 5 years ago

I remember the day I came across Nimea Kaya. For over a year I had been planning on going to Peru to begin my ayahuasca journey for my 30th birthday. I had been searching for months and every place I had looked at I didn’t feel an immediate connection. I set up a Skype date with Jill and she answered all my questions and I left the conversation feeling very confident that I had found the perfect place. Once I arrived I was so nervous but it immediately went away when I was greeted with warm smiles and for once in my life I was surrounded by like-minded people. The 9 day retreat forever changed my life and I had made a new extension to my family. The staff are ANGELS. From day one they showed so much love and compassion. Every day they are there for you and make you feel safe and really take care of you. They truly understand that to be here meant that we were ready to do some very difficult work on ourselves and took that seriously. During ceremony they held the space so beautifully and knowing that I had my angels by my side gave me comfort during challenging moments. The ceremony is held by experienced shamans from the local Shipibo tribe who are there to genuinely help guide you through your journey of healing. The energy they bring to the space is radiant and I could feel their love. Being so vulnerable in an environment that was foreign to me, I can’t say enough how grateful I am for their presence love and grace. Thank you. Nimea Kaya is scared, so special- a vitality that is unforgettable and profound. I am so appreciative for Nimea Kaya and all the wonderful people behind this unique gem for allowing our souls to shine and bringing light to all of us. It is an experience I will never forget and carry with me deep in my heart. I am looking forward to returning to the jungle and to continue this process of transformation. Life will never be the same again, and that is the most exciting part. To see the world in a new lens. It is never too late to find your highest potential. So much love :)

- visited 5 years ago

This place is pure magic. I cannot stress enough that if you are feeling called to work with this amazing plant medicine, Nimea Kaya is absolutely the healing center for you. It starts from the top down and Jill and Casey (who run the center) are two of the most kind, compassionate, and caring individuals I have ever met. They are dedicated and passionate about working with Mother Ayahuasca and it truly shows. I have actually attended two retreats there and wouldn't dare go anywhere else. From the minute you arrive at the airport in Pucallpa to your departure nine days later you are taken care of beyond belief! The center is located in the most beautiful jungle setting with top notch amenities to boot. The food is INCREDIBLE! It is plant based, super nutritious and made with love and pure intention from the wonderful kitchen staff. Some of the best food I've ever had. Yoga, meditation, high vibe classes, and integration circles happen every day and are such an integral part of the healing process too. There really are no words for the Ayahuasca ceremonies themselves. You've just got to experience them. You are extremely well taken care of by the shamans and facilitators. The entire staff is unbelievable. Have I even mentioned the friendships that you make for life while going through this with others?! This only happens because of the love, energy, and expertise that is put into this place. Nimea Kaya is absolutely magical. It helped make me into the person I am today and I am forever grateful. I could go on and on but just know there should be no doubt in your mind that Nimea Kaya is the right place for you...

- visited 5 years ago

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