Root Healing Iboga Retreat Center

Root Healing offers traditional Bwiti Iboga Retreats, Iboga Detox, and specialized healing programs in Sintra, Portugal.
Bringing together traditional Bwiti and modern medical science, we have a truly safe and effective healing program.
The center is a luxury environment on an expansive property in the Sintra Mountains overlooking the ocean and palaces.

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This center is open since October 1st 2020


Iboga Root Bark, Iboga Total Alkaloid Extract, Ibogaine

LocationLocated in the top of the Sintra Mountains overlooking the ocean and palaces.

How to get therePlease contact us for directions as the property is tucked away in the mountains with a long private driveway

Accommodation and facilities

4 single rooms

3 double rooms

Transfer from airport is available.


Music that is played during session

Only Bwiti music

Medical and safety

The center has medical facilities available on-siteWe have extensive cardiac life support (defibrillators, EKG, IV Fluids etc)

The center has medical facilities available nearby2 Nearby Hospitals

The center has a psychological therapist available on-siteBwiti informed counseling

The center conducts an intake processWe have a health intake form and require some medical documents like EKG/ECG and liver panels.

The center provides a follow up integration processWe have an extensive 6 month integration program offered to guests as part of the retreat. Extending is also an option.

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentIboga ceremonies reconnect you to yourself and thats all you need.

The center provides treatment for psychological disordersDepression, Anxiety, Addiction, Trauma, PTSD etc.

The center provides treatment for physical illnessesParkinsons, Autoimmune, Traumatic Brain Injury etc

The center provides treatment for addictionsMost drug addictions but please complete our health intake for a personal response.


Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich (3 years), Steven "Moubengui" Callahan (12 years), Madeleine "Ebando" Cullerton (3 years), Rupi "Moussanza" Saran (3 years), Saeeda "Ditsuna" Lakhani (4 years) plus our medical and science team.


Sustainable projectsWe are committed to reciprocity as is explained in more detail on our website. We do this with our time (20+ hours a week), financial support, and are on the board of 2 non profits.

Research projectsOur staff Neuroscientist (Megan Hu P.hD) leads ongoing research projects.


Maximum 10 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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