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Paradise, heaven...




Pisatahua memories are not really memories - they are changes engraved in the Heart, they are a refreshed Body and an enriched Soul. This Place heals, just staying in this magical corner of the wild jungle heals. The Lake surroundings provides round-the-clock observations of wild animals, so many!! Even caimans! Erik is the most generous and caring man. Sasha is Bolivia's biggest firecracker. And Shamans, Wara and Franz are a mixture of what the Amazon Jungle and the Andes Mountains have the best to offer. Gracias para Todos! This place is so special! So wild and so luxurious at the same time. Everyone I met there, people from all over the world, emphasized that this is the only such place, I completely agree with that! Heaven, paradise, heaven, paradise, heaven, paradise - these words accompanied me there every morning and evening from huge, cozy hammock in Cabana no.3 with enormous windows and with lake view even from the shower and toiled! I invite you to a few minutes long video

Number of Participants in ceremony: 7


For wild life lovers! Pure jungle, next to the lake (with piranhas and caimans!)


Luxury! king size bed, hammock, private bathroom, enormous windows, drinking water, separated from other huts


laundry, airport transfer, jungle trips, canoe


Ayahuasca ceremony, Tabaco ceremony, Rape ceremony, Cacao ceremony, Coca ceremony, and individual therapies


Owners are true Angels


Security guy at night, dogs and cat :)


So caring and professional!

Booking process

Easy peasy

Follow up integration

Also with the local Family.

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