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After researching psychedelics for a long time and having a particular interest in Ayahuasca, I met Kia through beautiful synchronicity. I was at the time not actively looking for someone that could facilitate my first ayahuasca ceremony (especially not in Sweden) but as we spoke, it turned out this was something Kia facilitated. It did not take long for me to feel complete trust for Kia, which I think is extremely important when deciding to start working with this type of sacred medicine. What I love about Kia is that she embodies something I have been missing for a long time in our western society and medicinal care. A bridge between western medical knowledge, psychology, and the spiritual side of our existence. Kia has worked many years as a nurse and she is also a graduated conversational therapist. This is combined with her spirituality and amazing knowledge of plant medicine and different shamanic healing techniques. Kia works with all of her knowledge in her ceremonies that results in a beautiful traditional shamanic experience combined with brilliant integration (super important) where she can explain the sometimes hard-to-understand symbolic experiences in the spiritual realm for our western minds to digest and integrate into our every day lives. I have now attended four Ayahuasca ceremonies (three days each) and I also have an interest in experiencing more of the healing modalities she has to offer. I am happy to be able to call Kia "my shaman" and I look forward to my continued journey under her wings. With my whole heart, I recommend Kia to anyone that is on a healing journey.

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