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The best most transcendent experience ever...

Iquitos, Peru



I have a drawn up a blogged (fetlife & Quora) trip report for those who seek it. PM... I suggest highly recommend and most importantly trust the great people of La Luna. Will return yearly/biannually from now on... I hold a doctorate several Masters and am experienced with a wide variety of entheogens psychedelics and psychoactives. I shared a boat back to reality with 3 other group members where we candidly spoke about the experience. Any negativity (there was little) or bitching was so incredibly stupid and first world it's not worthy of mention. First rate camp first rate juice first rate people first rate Ayahuasqueros Firstrate firstrate firstrate... Feel free to PM with questions. I am not affiliated with the camp nor am I an Aya Hippy Good day

Number of Participants in ceremony: 9


Fucking awesome!


Totally comfy....


GREG ENRIQUE ANDREAS Don Benigno Don Guido plus their three apprentices and the chef Jose all RULED...


Your mileage may vary my experience was full on transcendence




I was able to watch La Mamita being prepped and ask questions on several occasions for as long as I desired.

Booking process

Cool like koolaid...

Follow up integration


Visited Monday, January 15th 2018

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